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IRT3000Adria 16/2011

• Fifty anniversary of Technical faculty, University of Rijeka
• Omega – company that doesn't need advertisement
• Riteh Racing Team
• 3rd industrial forum IRT 2011 in sign of innovativeness
• Pipistrel brakes a records also at bicycle tracks – World's record with the vehicle on human drive
• Automation industry and AUTOMATICA 2012 are in spread
• Honda's humanoid ASIMO, the power of dreams
• Europe turns over to sustainability by application of biodegradable bags!
• Digital assistants for knowledge without borders
• ...


Domestic news  

Domestic news


Pipistrel brakes a records also at bicycle tracks – World's record with the vehicle on human drive

 Pipistrel's high-technological aerodynamic laboratory helped in setting of new world's record also at the field of cycling. Eivie team set new borders with human drive vehicle, which was last year designed and produced with help of company Pipistrel. Swiss Francesco Russo in one hour reached the distance of 91,556 kilometres, which is a new world's record. In times of growing prices of oils derivates, when car producers trying to make more economic vehicles, Eivie team set new borders with human drive vehicle, which does not need fuel at all. Excellent aerodynamic vehicle Eiviestretto, Swiss Francesco Russo managed to drive one hour with such power, so that he reached in one hour the distance of 91,556 kilometres, which is a new world's record. One-hour records have a long tradition in cycling. In their overturning generally a professional cyclists were involved. It is allowed any kind of vehicle design, where a safety is satisfied, and vehicle is moved exclusively with human power. 


3rd industrial forum IRT 2011 in sign of innovativeness

 Slovenian engineers, researchers in industry, and even students of technical faculties from Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia, were gathered at the beginning of June in Portorož, on 3rd industrial forum IRT 2011. At the focus on this year forum vas innovation, respectively how to transform an idea into the added value. Through more than 40 expert presentations, lecturers presented the situation at the industry in the field of innovations and they shown the largest challenges. The innovations were also the topic at the round table, the summit of the event. The innovation was also one of the key elements of the project Intelligent system of laboratories in helth - ILAB, which deserved acknowledgement TARAS this year. Miloš Ebnar, MBA, manager of strategic innovation of the company Trimo d.d., concluded that in Slovenia, there is a lot discussion about innovation but in fact, very little is known about it. 


New horizontal 5-axes center Haas ES-5-4T u TTK



Electrical super vehicle from Croatia


Riteh Racing Team

 Formula student is one of the most prestigious student's competitions from field of technical science, in organisation of international association of mechanical engineers iMeche. The main subject is building of single seated racing bolide, and has a tradition of more than 25 years. Riteh Racing Team is the most successful team among three croatian teams, and so far appeared in England, at the Silverstone runway, as well as in Germany at the Hockenheim runway in 2010., where they were accomplish with bolide RRCX envious results. Especially a first place in category COST ANALYSIS has to be pointed out. Students designed, made and tested the vehicle in the buildings of Laboratory for motors, Institute for thermodynamics and energetic, Technical faculty, University of Rijeka. 


Omega – company that doesn't need advertisement

 Company that in their headquarters in tame place Breznica in Varaždinska county doesn't have any advertisement, except almost invisible, very thin Greek letter omega at the facade, works in quiet, but exports a lion portion of their envious large production program. As opposed from large neon label on another metal working facility in the neighbour, you have to drive a car into the Omega's yard, park in front of the companies door, and barely then you will read that this is place of Omega's board. The company last year realised almost 8 million euro of total income. No, we don't need advertisement. We had it, but we have removed it when we renovated a court, because we concluded that we don't need it any more, so we didn't put it back. 


Centre for product development



Production must be in the focus of economic policy


Great nano world


Fifty anniversary of Technical faculty, University of Rijeka

 Within 50. anniversary of Technical faculty, many diverse activities were organised from 11th to 16th April 2011. in the premises of the Technical faculty in order to introduce to all interested with current ambitions but also with historical influence and significance of Technical faculty. Student's projects, student's associations, scientific and expert journals, as well as innovation and technology centres were introduced. A few lectures were held, new books presented, and appropriate monography was published, few companies were presented, Alumni club of former students was got, a football cup as well as visit to wind power plant were organised, and as a central event, a ceremonial session was held. 


GOM new mobile 3D-scanner ATOS Triple Scan


Gas lifters


Is it engineering strain useless and false?


FARO launches the most innovative measuring arm in the world FARO Edge


Fair METEF-FOUNDEQ is moving to Verona


Epson with new SCARA-robot LS series for higher productivity


Benefits with program Sandvik Coromant for investments in new machines


Perfect blast cleaning of a huge range of components



Automation industry and AUTOMATICA 2012 are in spread

 Good times for automation industry: Fair association VDMA Robotik + Automation foresees growing of 37 percentage of sales in automation industry during year 2011. which corresponds to approximately 10,3 milliard euro. That will be new record. Further growth is also expected during 2012. Fair AUTOMATICA consolidates it's position as leading innovative platform of automation industry after only four fairs, and at the same time it is the largest world's fair of robotics. 


From the world



Honda's humanoid ASIMO, the power of dreams

 Modern robots have similar goals as humans. Namely they aim to the reliable and fast presence in the reality, which they achieve by recognition, thinking and movement. Japanese concern Honda celebrated last year an important anniversary. Humanoid ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), which is namely confidential upgrade of the giant's production-selling program, celebrates tenth anniversary. Honda's research-development goal in mobility is clear - development of innovative model of bipod humanoid that can walk. 


Yaskawa completes offer of MOTOMAN robots with robot delta type


The line of energy efficient robots Wemo is enlarged to the holding forces of 400 kN


Plastiblow all electric blowing machines - the most advanced technological solution in the blowing industry


Moulds for production of closures with different ejection systems of one supplier


Europe turns over to sustainability by application of biodegradable bags!

 From the beginning of the year 2011., application of plastic bags was changed completely. Italians which are consumers of more than fifth of plastic bags in Europe, used approximately 20 milliard plastic bags per year! New law which took affect at the beginning of the year, proclaim the bags which are not biodegradable, and the store owners are instructed to use textile, paper and other biodegradable materials bags. Italian minister supported new law and evaluated as a great accomplish, and pointed out that in that way, will be less the bulk trash and the quality of the environment will be improved in general. 


Production and logistic


Modern technologies



Non-contact protective switch for security equipment


Adjustable, multipurpose single trigger for fast working



Innovative BASF technology of glass incapsulation for Opel Astra GTC


Improved characteristics of colour changing in hot nozzles



Dalekovod gets s new job in Norway


Digital assistants for knowledge without borders

 In industry, medicine, energetic and other areas, thousands of algorithms capable to automatically learn based on experience, collect and search the information in order to assure us a knowledge without limits. Algorithms - our digital assistants - are software description of procedures for problem solution in wide range from data searching about heart disorders for curing, to sealing data analysis for purchasing forecast. Intelligent digital assistants conquests different areas, first of all industry and medicine. 


With Zero Client to higher availability and safety


Siemens NX CAM


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List of advertisers in 16. number of IRT3000:


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