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IRT3000Adria 17/2011

• The future of 3D printing: One Company's Role
• INOVA - Budi uzor 2011
• Nine years of excursions of students from Chair for design and product development, at FMENA
• DESIGN 2012 – thirty years since first congress on design
• Cleaning of renewable products
• Advanced innovations for varnishing
• 18. fair EuroMold 2011
• Digital supervisors
• ...


Domestic news  

Domestic news


Recession with double bottom most certain



DESIGN 2012 – thirty years since first congress on design

 Thirty years after first congress on design, that was held in June 1981., at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, the preparations for next, 12th international conference DESIGN 2012 are in advanced phase. The organizers expect that the largest European conference from field of product development maintain the highest quality level. Every two years DESIGN conference enables insight in new technologies of product development, experience in development and innovations management, sustainability and new technologies. The conference enables the participants to exchange of the ideas and knowledge about all aspects of product development from the different disciplines and activity areas point of view. 


SolidWorks 2012 / 3D VIA Composer /Enterprise PDM / SolidCAM



Celebration of 10th anniversary of the company STOJOTEHNIKA d.o.o. from Soblinec


How to control the geometry and deformation of welded construction simultaneously? Optically!


Dioki 226,7 million kunas in deficit


Nine years of excursions of students from Chair for design and product development, at FMENA

 Already nine years the association HIT&E (Croatian engineers, technicians and economists) from Stuttgart has enabled to the students of FMENA visits to the companies of Baden-Württemberg. Author of such an idea and "good spirit" of all student excursions is Srećko Bošnjaković. Support of the HIT&E association members, but also no less important help of general consuls in Stuttgart and München, enabled students of course Design and product development insight in organization, technology of product development and production facilities of the best companies, as well as introduction with scientific achievements of the leading universities and the institutes in Germany. 


Manufacturing prices increased for 6,8 percentage



INOVA - Budi uzor 2011

From 9th till 12th November 2011. in Zagreb at Zagrebački velesajam was held 36th Croatian show of innovations with international participation INOVA 2011, and 7th exhibition of innovations, prototypes and students business plans BUDI UZOR. At this national and international innovations exhibition, more than 500 exhibits of innovations and business plans were presented, from which 155 international exhibits of authors that came from 22 countries: USA, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Macao, China, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, France, Hungary and Poland. According to number of countries of show participants, it was the World largest exhibition, and according to the exhibition area of 1 000 m2, it was the largest innovation exhibition in Croatia so far. Numerous entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and companies developed on own production innovations, have shown their success as an example and encouragement for all innovators.   


The future of 3D printing: One Company's Role

 Additive technologies continue to reshape the manufacturing landscape. These rapid techniques are used to build physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components and production parts from plastic, metal, ceramic or composite materials. With materials improving and machine costs coming down, this industry sector can be expected to go on transforming manufacturing. 


Interview: David Reis, Objet's CEO


EuroBLECH 2012: Permanent success at World's market


44. MOS have visited more than 137.000 visitors


50. years of metallurgical institute “Kemal Kapetanović” in Zenica


Clamping heads reduced the costs of cutting tools for 10 %


New servo-mechanical press of German producer


Manufacturing laboratory in practice


Enhanced reliability and shorter preparation time for CoroMill 316 system users


Cleaning of renewable products

 Purpose of the international European project CleanER (cleaning of renewable products) under aegis of network EraSME is to research and join knowledge of cleaning technologies at the field of industrial renewal of products. Under planning and application of cleaning technologies of reputable German companies BU-Drive, Herrmanns, Mela, MD Rebuilt, Klubert+Schmidt and Slovenian company FerroČtralič have decided to connect with German Fraunhoffer Institute, University of Bayreuth and laboratory LAKOS, University of Ljubljana. Industrial products renovation becomes under the frame of sustainable development one of key industrial areas. According to the volume, it is applicable for the steel industry. Renovation becomes by deposition of the product from the application. Reason for the deposition can be complaint or finished products life cycle. The same guarantee is valid for the renewable products as for the new products, therefore there is great demand for high quality renovation assurance. In the phase of diagnostic, it is necessary to decide are components appropriate for further application. Some parts go to the waste. Other components and parts, that don't fulfill the standards, are renovated. 


A strategist's guide to digital fabrication



8th ICIT & MPT 2011 again with strong international presence


Gorenje in Serbia started already third production facility



Higher effectiveness of compressed air

Non metals



Technologically objective selection of electrical and pneumatic drives


Simple enlargement, shaping and simulation


FiPA moves things - with powerful reception of parallel receptors


Advanced innovations for varnishing

 Excellent automotive producers acquire approach of company ISRA for sealing of flange as world-wide standard for edge joint sealing. Robotized production lines for sealing with flanges can be added on existing systems of leading world producer for robot vision. Since the joints are realized in available and visible spots, a high quality of joints are requested, that can be achieved by application of advanced technology of company ISRA. Consequence of such demands is more and more automatization in sealing which is realized with robots. 


New miniature optical sensors of the company Omron



New advanced versions of system for code reading from company Siemens


Hekuma concept Sigma Inside


BOY successful at the fair for machine construction


Energy and cost effective dryers DRYMAX Primus

From the world



Analog induction sensors of position (and between positions)



EUREKA - MORETTO presents innovative approach in polymer materials drying



18. fair EuroMold 2011

 The largest world-wide fair on the field of mouldmaking and additive technologies EuroMold, opened the doors from 29th November till 2nd December 2011. for many exhibitors and visitors at already traditional location - Frankfurt Fair Center. At the fair, more than 1500 exhibitors from whole world were presented their products and services. Around 60.000 visitors have visited the fair. This year, EuroMold has enlarged exhibition area for 4,1 % compared with last fair. Apart from the exhibition in halls 8, 9 and 11, simultaneously with the fair, there were many specialized innovative programs, with topics from the field of products development and their conventional or modern, additive production. This year, EuroMold partner country was Korea. 


System IPC of the company Krauss Maffei Berstorff


New series HT guarantees more permanent thermal stability


Materials DuPont in medical equipment


Modern technologies



Digital supervisors

 Malicious computer codes are spreading with avalanche speed and enables to the felons approach to the computers of the individuals and companies and to their information and money as well. Dupers on the internet steal the banks clients for large amounts of money, and forgeries flood markets. Industry of security solutions trying to limit such criminal activities with new "digital supervisors", which among the other encompass radio-frequency identification (RFID) and quantum computers. Security sectors continuously seek for the solutions with which it will be possible to reduce the insecurity and damage, among which are labels for radio-frequency identification (RFID) and chips for quantum cryptography. 


DP Technology Corp. introduced CAM computer program ESPRIT 2012


Fujitsu introduced first professional 2D and 3D in one screen


Solar tree for mobile phones


Internet - claim, not a privilege


Sinergy 11 in could


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List of advertisers in 17. number of IRT3000:


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