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IRT3000 32/2011

• The Future is in Knowledge
• SusCryMac as a Clean Manufacturing Technology – an Innovation Cutting the Costs in Half
• ASIMO, the Power of Dreams
• Mission OPERATE Successful
• Professional Fair Quadruplet Set to Begin
• Record Visitor Turnout at LogiMAT 2011 Fair
• Novelties at the Technology Days in Arburg
• Technologies Customised to People
• ...


Pulse at Home

Pulse at Home 

Fair Supplement


Interview: 20 years of BTS Company, d.o.o.


SusCryMac as a Clean Manufacturing Technology – an Innovation Cutting the Costs in Half

 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana and Istrabenz Plini have developed a system for cryogenic machining under the authorship of Dr. Franci Pušavec and Prof. Dr. Janez Kopač. In this system, the machining (turning, milling and so forth) is done using liquid nitrogen in order to ensure a clean manufacturing process with reduced costs and increased productivity. 


100-millionth product from SwatyComet after the merger



Ljubljana small business and craft fair


7. Nanotechnology Day and round table on polytechnics


We announce the 2. Forum on Operative Excellence


Professional seminar on modern technologies executed with excellence


Comprehensive offer: engineering, tool making and machine building


Hidria's innovators of the year 2010


Sumitomo modular milling cutter system


The Future is in Knowledge

20 years ago, brothers Tomaž and Sandi Boh had a vision, a wish and the know-how to deliver. They moved their family tradition of metalworking into BTS Company and started supplying the Slovenian industry with quality tools and machines. They are still enjoying their work and plan the next steps for the company’s further growth.

You have celebrated the 20th anniversary of your company. Can you name any event that left the biggest impression on you during this period, and why so?
Tomaž Boh: It is hard to single out any certain event, as there have been a number of turning points. I might mention my brother and I were very young when we founded the company, I was 23 and he was 26. As we had no seed capital, we had to sell our personal property. Soon, we moved our business from Škofljica to Ljubljana.


Pulse Abroad


Manufacturing and Logistics



New generation of high-speed milling cutters QM MILL


Mission OPERATE Successful

 The manufacturing industry exhibits a clear trend of complete machining on a single machine. Turning/milling centres (turning centres with added milling function) have established themselves on the market well and are available with five-axis simultaneous machining. In addition to that, the demand is rising for drilling/milling centres, a combined solution that was first presented 20 years ago, but was deemed to be to complex and too expensive, so it could not find a proper practical use for a long time. The machining with turning/milling is currently experiencing a renaissance thanks to the latest experts’ achievements in the field of machine building, electrical engineering and IT. 


Testing the tightness of high-pressure valves with l/s precision



Schmale calculation programs



ASIMO, the Power of Dreams

 Advanced robots face similar challenges as people. They strive to a reliable and quick presence in the reality, actualising it by sensing, thinking and moving. Japanese concern Honda marked a significant jubilee last year. The ASIMO humanoid (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), a brave upgrade to the giant's production and sales programme, celebrated its tenth birthday. Honda's research and development challenge in mobility is clear – to develop an innovative model of a bipedal humanoid that will be able to walk. The general concept is somewhat wider and assumes the responsibility – help and improvement of living conditions for the mankind – for coexistence of a humanoid in the modern society, where it takes over the anthropologic functions. 


Turning hard parts: a new way of machining


Easier and faster geometric tolerances control (GD&T)


Walter extends its offer of services with an application for smart phones


Advantage in seconds


item wins the iF design award 2011 gold for its hooks and holders





Professional Fair Quadruplet Set to Begin

 Following years of an upward trend in the economy, the general economic and financial crisis has struck some major blows to the sectors represented at our fairs, and this has also influenced our efforts preparing the last edition of our fairs in 2009. The world economy has found itself in the vice of reduced demand for products and services, meaning less work for the industry and, consequentially, also for toolshops and other companies co-designing the developmental and manufacturing processes. The general circumstances have also cut into the means for marketing, including the promotion at fair. Nevertheless, together with our loyal exhibitors and visitors, Celjski sejem has managed to successfully carry out the four-day fair event. Despite all we must emphasise the curve of economic growth is turning upwards, the conditions are stabilizing and we are returning on the path of growth. This also reflects in the outline of this year's fairs, which once again combines the presentation of new technologies and numerous developmental achievements. 


Automated forklift control using the ANS autonomous navigation system


Metronik successful in Croatia


Highly automated manufacturing with SINAPRO manufacturing execution system in company SIBO G

Advanced Technologies



Record Visitor Turnout at LogiMAT 2011 Fair

 LogiMAT, the 9th International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow, which took place from 8 – 10 February in Stuttgart, attracted a record number of exhibitors and visitors in all of its history and exceeded the expectations of fair organisers. Awards were presented for the best innovations in three categories: to Logivation for a web solution for modeling and optimisation, to SSI Schäfer for a robotic commissioning system and to Jakob Hateland Logistics AS for an automated storage system AutoStore. 


Newly founded company Gorenje GAIO, d .o. o.


Integral handling and assembly control system


LEOSS partners with Psion for Slovenia





Novelties at the Technology Days in Arburg

 Almost 5.000 visitors from all over the world travelled to the small city of Losburg for the annual Arburg technology days between 23 and 26 March. Every year, the company presents a number of various applications from the injection-moulding industry to its existing and potential customers. 40 machines were displayed in new premises, demonstrating different applications from classical injection moulding of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials to xK technology, liquid silicone moulding, IML, MIM etc. Most attention was given to the presentation of brand new EDRIVE electric machine. 


Omron colour machine vision system


Lego & Arburg go hand in hand


Cap moulds with various ejection systems from a single supplier


New air valve


MARAS filter nozzle


Excellent 2010 business results for BASF


Hidden cost factors


Meusberger's new catalogue


Dynapurge DP M – new and improved formulation


Efficient energy use



Thin walls, massive cost savings

Efficient energy use



Technologies Customised to People

 For large systems such as Siemens it means focusing on strategic platforms, key customer relationship management and virtual solutions. Globalisation has brought extension of offer and price reductions. In order to stay competitive, the manufacturers have to be more innovative, offer customised products and shorten the time of development. At the same time, the individualised products should not be more expensive than the conventional products, which is made possible by intelligent planning. In the initial phase, this is done by personalised planning and linking prefabricated modular elements. 


The satisfaction of high-tech industry


A million licenses for education


SolidWorks World 2011


HD-PLM or how modern PLM technologies may help in quicker and more transparent decision making


Lenovo and Intel present the new Classmate+ computer

List of advertisers in 32. number of IRT3000

List of advertisers in 32. number of IRT3000

3-WAY, Tomaž Vujasinovic s.p.
ABB, d. o. o.
A-CAM, inženiring, d. o. o
Anni, d. o. o.
Audax, d. o. o.
Basic, d.o.o.
BTS Company, d. o. o.
CadCam Lab, d. o. o.
Cajhen, d. o. o.
Camincam, d. o. o.
Celjski sejem, d. o. o.
CHEMETS, d. o. o.
CNC-PRO, d. o. o.
DATACOM, d. o. o.
Decca, d. o. o.
Društvo vzdrževalcev Slovenije
EGES revija
Festo, d. o. o.
Gospodarsko razstavišče Ljubljana
GR Inženiring, d. o. o.
HALDER, d. o. o.
Hofer int., d. o. o.
HTS IC, d. o. o.
ib-CADdy, d. o. o.
IB-PROCADD, d. o. o.
IRP Inštitut za raziskovanje podjetništva
ICM, d. o. o.
ITS, d. o. o.
Industrijski forum IRT 2011
KAČ Trade, d. o. o. (Hurco GmbH)
KMS, d. o. o.
KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Kovinoplastika Lož, d. d.
Litostroj Jeklo, d. o. o.
Lesnik, d. o. o.
LOTRIČ, d. o. o.
MAAR, d. o. o.
Mastroj, d. o. o.
Messer Slovenija, d. o. o.
MiniTec, d. o. o.
Montanwerke Walter Werkzeug GmbH
Meusburger Georg GmbH
OLMA, d. d.
Pfeiff er Vacuum Austria GmbH
Rappold Winterthur brusilna tehnika, d. o. o.
RLS merilna tehnika, d. o. o.
ROBOS, d. o. o.
Sandvik Coromat
Sejem ZEPS
SimTec, Dr. Simon Muhič s. p.
Siemens, d. o. o.
Siming, d. o. o.
SolidCAM, d. o. o.
TBW, d. o. o. GmbH
Tecos Celje
TEHNA PLUS, d. o. o.
Tipteh, d. o. o.
TM, d. o. o.
TOPOMATIKA, d. o. o.
TOP TEH, d. o. o.
UL FS - revija VENTIL
UNIPLAST Inženiring, d. o. o.
YASKAWA Motoman, d. o. o.
Zibtr, d. o. o.
Zoller GmbH & Co. KG

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