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IRT3000 72/2017

They say that changes are the only constant in life. I am already 5x years old so I completely agree with that saying – Slovenia, too, has changed a lot since independence. I believe that for the better. We are facing a new year, a year of drastic changes. Editorial IRT3000 slo 72.pdf

IRT3000 71/2017

I often find myself listening to people explaining to me what they would like to do, achieve, where they want to go, who they want to be, how much they wish to earn ... That’s all fine. One must have goals in life and these goals should be set high, but also at least somewhat realistic. They must be high so that ... Editorial 71.pdf

IRT3000 70/2017

The answer to the question posed in the title of this editorial is really not that important. What is important, is the result – progress, moving forward. If we all do everything in our power to this end, we do not have to fear for the future. Editorial 70

IRT3000 69/2017

A lot of breakthrough ideas are born in environments disconnected from one’s job, laboratory, manufacturing ... Sometimes it is the change of environment that affects an individual the most, and sometimes it is above all time that is needed to find something different and new. The time and strength to see something new. Editorial 69.pdf

IRT3000 68/2017

I dare say that Slovenian industry is the power horse of its economy. The latest victories of domestic entrepreneurs and businesses surely inspire optimism. I would like to that the whole nation would catch this optimism as soon as possible – e.g. the American mindset that everything is possible and feasible. If one wishes and works hard enough he/she can definitely achieve set goal(s). Uvodnik 68_2017.pdf  

IRT3000 67/2017

Should we worry about the technology?

I have written before about the impact of accelerated robotics and artificial intelligence. But still, when I read about all the great technological advances that we are facing I occasionally shudder – it is the thought about what lies ahead of us that gets me. Uvodnik

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