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Timmer restructures the vacuum lifting technology segments and launches furtherdeveloped product line tim®LIFT


• Hose lifters and other products redesigned
• Optimised ergonomics, low noise emissions and faster delivery time
• Expansion of vehicle fleet for service and product demonstrations

hose_lifter-mobile_crane_systemSystem structure of a mobile crane with the quickLIFT vacuum hose lifter, consisting of lifting unit, jib crane, suction hose, vacuum filter and vacuum pump. (Source: Timmer GmbH)

Neuenkirchen (Germany), 22 February 2021 – Restructuring in the vacuum lifting technology segment: The existing Timmer GmbH product portfolio has been extensively further developed and is now available in a new design as the tim®LIFT product family. The tim®LIFT products are significantly more ergonomic and quieter in operation. Moreover, customers benefit from faster delivery times, thanks to the lean processes, and the extended service offering from project planning to aftersales. In addition, Timmer is providing additional capacity for onsite product demonstrations at the customers' facilities. tim®LIFT includes three model ranges: quickLIFT (one-hand operation up to 50 kg), lightLIFT (two-hand operation up to 50 kg) and heavyLIFT (two-hand operation up to 270 kg). 

quickLIFT-hose_lifterThe quickLIFT vacuum hose lifter efficiently and ergonomically moves diverse goods, such as bagged goods, cardboard boxes, crates, panels, etc. weighing up to 50 kg. (Source: Timmer GmbH)

"Our solutions are primarily lifting aids for employees that take the strain off the back, and thus they are an important part of a plant's occupational health and safety. They not only help reduce absences due to illness, they also play a crucial role in employee recruitment and employee loyalty given the growing awareness of the advantages of healthy working environments", points out Timo Determann, Product Specialist at Timmer. The restructuring of the hose lifters is a result of the continuous optimisation process of our own product portfolio. In this regard, further development, as well as long-term expansion of the entire vacuum lifting technology segment, are consistently in line with customer needs. To gain a precise picture of the requirements and desires in the plants, Timmer conducted an extensive market analysis and multiple customer surveys.

The new tim®LIFT product family meets the desires for greater ergonomics and lower noise emissions through key optimisations in the product design. "A lot of technological know-how and experience has been incorporated in the development, so that we can offer our customers products that are even more viable for the future", states Determann. Customers are getting hose lifters that are not only convenient and easy to operate, they also reduce noise emissions by as much as 30 percent. Thanks to in-house production Timmer streamlines its process chains and is working even more closely with its suppliers. This considerably reduces delivery times. "Thanks to faster delivery of our hose lifters, we offer our customers the possibility of compensating for illness-related effects – for example when an employee can no longer execute lifting tasks on his own", emphasises Determann. 

hose_lifter-warehouseThe tim®LIFT product family not only enables work that is easy on the back, it also enables high work efficiency – for example for intralogistics processes. (Source: Timmer GmbH)

Service expansion and customer-specific special solutions As part of the restructuring Timmer is expanding its service capacity and thus is reducing the response time for customer inquiries. A fixed contact person is available to the customer from project inception until delivery. In addition, Timmer offers extensive aftersales services. Along with maintenance of our own systems and external systems, this also includes assistance for all relevant safety tests. Moreover, the company is expanding its vehicle fleet for product demonstrations, so that customers can flexibly test the devices in their own company facilities.

Among the great advantages offered by Timmer are customer-specific special vacuum lifting technology solutions, such as rotary pallet lifters or systems for particularly heavy loads weighing more than 5 tonnes. Through the restructuring, this area will also be significantly strengthened and expanded so that specific solutions can be implemented more quickly. Determann emphasises the high flexibility and solution competence of the company: "Basically we are only limited by the laws of physics – everything else we can map in our own design," 

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