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MOS - International Crafts Fair

od 13.09.2023 do 17.09.2023

Celje, Slovenia - Celje, Slovenia

MOS is our best recognised business and fair event. We like to call it “the fair of all fairs”, as it is the biggest fair in Slovenia, which has hosted over 1.5 million visitors in the last decade.

This year between 13 and 17 September, we will host the jubilee 55th MOS, so the fair will be even more festive and abundant than usual. The exhibitors are preparing for it with their newest offer, and Celjski sejem will put special emphasis on educational contents and side events for this important fair, which comprises five different segments: MOS DOM, MOS TEHNIKA ENERGETIKA, MOS TURIZEM, MOS B2B and MOS PLUS.


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