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Stuttgart, Germany - Stuttgart, Germany

p2c23_269x269px_01_en- 8.8.2023- 28.9.2023The 20th edition of the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning is being staged from September 26 to 28 2023, at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in southern Germany.

Whether it involves degreasing, classic component cleaning or high-purity applications – as varied as those tasks may be – technological and social trends are introducing new requirements to parts cleaning. This has resulted in the situation that higher cleanliness specifications need to be met in virtually all cleaning applications, especially when it comes to residual filmic contamination. In order to offer competitive products in the long run, cleaning must also be as economical, energy-efficient and resource-efficient as possible. In a growing number of cases, the stability of the cleaning processes must also be verifiable. “As the world’s foremost information and procurement platform for industrial cleaning technology, parts2clean offers ideas, solutions and services for adapting all of the steps involved in parts and surface cleaning to meet this increased set of demands and make them future-proof,” explains Christoph Nowak, Project Director at the Deutsche Messe group of companies. “In the same vein, effective knowledge transfer for parts cleaning that meets these requirements and is both process-secure and sustainable is the focus of the supporting program at the 20th leading international trade fair,” he adds.

Innovations and product refinements in all display sectors

One proof of this is the presence of practically all market and technology-leading companies from the industrial cleaning technology sector at the event. “Many of these exhibitors will be using the anniversary edition to introduce new and refined products and services to an international trade audience,” reports Nowak. This includes new and optimized system concepts for degreasing and classic cleaning tasks as well as for precision cleaning and high-purity applications, such as those increasingly encountered in the optical and semiconductor supply industry, electromobility and medical, pharmaceutical, sensor, measurement and analysis technology. “Due to the steadily growing importance of these applications, the classic core areas of parts2clean have been expanded at the anniversary event to include the highlight topic of High Purity,” adds Nowak. However, this is not only demonstrated by plant and process engineering solutions for cleaning high-tech components, but also by the broad range of products for setting up, equipping and optimizing cleanrooms.


The event features exhibitors with innovative and adapted process technologies as well as solutions for cleanliness control, doing justice to the trend towards ever-higher particulate and filmic cleanliness requirements that are present in most industries. Energy-efficient drying alternatives will also be presented for greater resource efficiency in the operation of wet-chemical cleaning systems. Whether for the removal of contaminants over the entire surface or selectively, the importance of dry individual parts cleaning is increasing from the point of view of cleanliness technology and energy as well, which is also reflected in the range of products on display at parts2clean. Another topic covered by exhibitors consists of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of industrial parts cleaning. When it comes to cleaning media, bath monitoring and care, water treatment, corrosion protection and packaging, as well as cleaning and transport containers, companies are appearing with new and refined products.

Supporting program delivers effective knowledge transfer – High Purity included

“Complementing the exhibitors' cross-technology, cross-material and cross-industry presentations, the sophisticated supporting program offers visitors a wealth of knowledge and know-how on current topics in component cleaning and a range of trends in growth industries,” reports Nowak. The special show “Process Chain Technical Cleanliness”, organized jointly with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center), will demonstrate ways of implementing the required component cleanliness in line with requirements and in a sustainable manner, including accompanying quality assurance based on the use of innovative technologies.

The exciting program of lectures and presentations on trends and new developments at the action area of the Fachverband industrielle Teilereinigung e. V. (FiT) will be impressively complemented by the presentation of the FiT2clean Award, worth 10,000 euros, on the third day of the trade show.

A highlight of this year's parts2clean bilingual Expert Forum program is the keynote lecture by Dr. Nicole Smits, Cleanliness Expert at ASML Netherlands B.V., which will kick off the High Purity lecture series. She will provide information on the importance of cleaning and the cleanliness requirements for EUV technology and how these can be achieved. Other topics in this session will deal with requirements and solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and microtechnology, precision optics and sensor technology, among others. No less interesting are the presentations by high-ranking experts from industry, research and science on the topic blocks “Fundamentals of Industrial Cleaning Processes”, “Monitoring and Controlling Cleaning Processes”, “Cleaning in Electrical Engineering/Electronics” and “Monitoring and Analyzing Cleaned Surfaces”. All presentations will be simultaneously translated (German <> English). Participation in the parts2clean Expert Forum is free of charge for trade fair visitors.

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