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IRT3000Adria 61/2022

Who survived the nineties...

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, that's what Zarathustra, that is Friedrich Nietzsche said. Maybe that's the best answer for those who fear the year 2023 and the crisis they calls for. We are not saying that there will be no crisis - inflation is already here, less will be bought and, as we hear from people at the head of successful companies, orders from Western Europe for the next year are stagnating. Editorial 61.pdf

IRT3000Adria 60/2022

Crystal ball, tell us...

What will the coming autumn and winter look like? No, we are not trying to play meteorologist, but we are concerned about rising prices, especially energy prices. At the time I am writing this, the package of measures that the Government will adopt to help the industry is not yet known. And precisely the fact that the measures are not known forces one to be cautious. (Not) adopting and (not) defining measures means that either the Government does not have experts who can make reliable projections of energy price movements and, more importantly, their impact

IRT3000Adria 59/2022

Production is becoming in!

We were deeply disappointed with the ceremonial opening of the BIAM and Welding fairs at the Zagreb Fair on the last Tuesday in April, that is, with the visit of the Zagreb mayor to the exhibition stands. Specifically, Tomislav Tomašević did not even stop at the Zadar HSTec stand, the only Croatian exhibitor at BIAM that actually manufactures and exports machine tools. It is clear to us that Tomašević, a political scientist by profession, certainly does not know what motor spindles from Zadar are, nor is he particularly interested in the

IRT3000Adria 58/2022

Recovery and resilience How to help ourselves in a situation where energy is so expensive that a joke about it already became shabby? The joke goes like this: you ask your significan other if she wants to go to an expensive place, and you take her to the gas station. Editorial- 58.pdf  

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