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  March 2021

Toolmaking and machine-building

Production and logistics

Milling down to the finest detail

Najava 53 IRT3000 ADRIAFor many years now, DESCH has been a keen advocate of the concept of complete machining. Using a machine park that already includes eight different MILLTURN complete machining centres, drive solutions are designed and produced for a wide variety of machining industries. Components for driving presses and switchable couplings through to highly complex specialised gearboxes, or even large gear units for rolling mills and smelting works, are just a few of the typical applications that DESCH is currently manufacturing. 

Deep learning brings simplicity to complex AI inspection

Najava 53 IRT3000 ADRIA_Image_1SICK has launched a suite of Deep Learning apps and services to simplify machine vision quality inspection for challenging components, assemblies and surfaces especially those that have previously defied automation and remained distinguishable only by human inspection. 

  • Four-fluted drill increases precision with four cutting edges
  • The perfect tool for every application
  • Warden Schijve joins the AZL product and application development team
  • A high-performance built-in industrial touch screen speeds up the integration of self-service applications
  • Linear guides for robotic applications
  • High-tech in the production of infant formula


Joining, materials and technologies

Simply better with pressure control optimization

Najava 53 IRT3000 ADRIA_Image_2The switching point between injection pressure to holding pressure plays an important role in injection moulding in terms of quality assurance and process repeatability, while it has a direct influence on uniform filling of the mould cavity. Bionically optimized pressure control has numerous advantages in preventing overmoulding on unfilled parts. This allows cavity filling to be more uniformed and balanced in multi-cavity moulds.

Purchase of welding electrode now online

Najava 53 IRT3000 ADRIA_Image_3SIJ Elektrode Jesenice is the biggest Slovenian and established European producers of welding materials with 80 years tradition in this field. This year SIJ Elektrode introduced its online shop SIJ Shop Elektrode, which can be reached at

  • arburgXworld customer portal
  • Smart HASCO moulds
  • Nordson screws and cylinders for blow moulding of Covid pipettes
  • 3D-printing trade fair Formnext virtual this year
  • Leading trade fair for welding and cutting Schweissen & Schneiden 2021 with several novelties
  • Desktop Metal presented »Live Sinter« software for additive technologies

Advanced technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

Conference Web Summit 2020

Najava 53 IRT3000 ADRIA_Image_4One of the biggest global technological and entrepreneurial event Web Summit has been announced on internet. Organizers promise the biggest event to date, on which over 100.000 participants from different sectors from all around the world will meet in the digital environment in order to discuss future technologies.

Selection of a company for servicing of hydraulics

Najava 53 IRT3000 ADRIA_Image_5If you are responsible for the operation of mutiple hydraulic devices and really want to reduce operational costs, then you will be in a situation in which you will need an external expert for special repairs. Here you have three possibilities: the machine supplier, producer of individual hydraulic components or an independent service for hydraulics.

  • Norwegians established an underwater center for drones and robotics
  • Generation of photons for communication in quantum computer system
  • Security of companies and intrusions into internal networks
  • Basic lubrication school
  • News in the technical diagnostics field
  • Cleaning methods in production



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