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  September 2020

Toolmaking and machine-building

Production and logistics

Process-reliable face milling with a long tool life

Najava 52. IRT ADRIA 3000_Image_1MAPAL customers rely on the FaceMill-Diamond PCD face milling cutter for face milling work at high volumes, on unstable parts and in the HPC (high performance cutting) sector. With its solid steel tool body and the permanently brazed PCD cutting edges, it achieves top feed rates and material removal rates that are second to none. 

New adjustable angle tooling unit for the pressroom

Najava 52. IRT ADRIA 3000_Image_2Bilsing Automation has announced the availability new swivel unit tooling for use in the pressroom, a flexible solution to address the trend of reducing the number of operations in a press line by producing more parts via a single stamping.

  • Lack of orders is a major concern for tool manufacturers
  • Automation solution with up to 1200 kg of transport weight
  • Museum Dedicated to Machine Tools has been opened
  • Professional robot simulation and programming in just 5 steps
  • PaintExpo 2020 will Take Place from 12 to 15 October


Joining, materials and technologies

Shredding, mixing and colouring of virgin and recycled material

Najava 52. IRT ADRIA 3000_Image_3Recycled material is usually added to virgin material after drying, since those materials have different drying times. Mixing can be done manually or with dosing devices. Dedicated systems for adding recycled material have been developed. The simplest and cheapest dosing device is a pneumatic switch, that subsequently adds virgin and recycled material in a predefined ratio.

ArianeGroup successfully tested a combustion chamber made completely with additive manufacturing

Najava 52. IRT ADRIA 3000_Image_4ArianeGroup is a joint venture of Airbus and French group Safran. The company is composed by three divisions, space (orbital propulsion systems and equipment), defence and security. A complete upper stage engine prototype, which incorporates the latest propulsion technology and it is designed to validate innovative production technologies, materials and processes, such additive technologies, laser burning and use of cheap materials has been produced and tested.

  • Serial production of thermoplastic composites
  • Wittmann’s compressed air dryers
  • LSR and PP respirators for healthcare employees
  • Joining composites and metals: a laser process
  • Blue lasers add power and brightness
  • Laser welding of different metals with advanced laser beam control

Advanced technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

Man, in the future your tissue will be made of nanostructured material

Najava 52. IRT ADRIA 3000_Image_6Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Götheborg has developed a new material similar to synthetic rubber with an unique combination of properties. This material is suitable for use in various medical devices as support or replacement of human tissue. A 3D-printed “nose” on the picture is an example, how this material can be used as a possible substitute for cartilage.

How to avoid expensive repairs and downtime?

Najava 52. IRT ADRIA 3000_Image_5In the next issue of IRT3000 we will present frauds, that can happen in the field of hydraulic systems maintenance. If we are aware of all the traps and have the proper knowledge, we can protect ourselves from such events. First, we have to face the malfunction and exclude the most obvious reasons. Before we call an expert, we should check the most basic causes of a malfunction like damaged cables of electromagnetic valves, jammed coolers, damaged coupling on the pump, closed valve due to vibration, …

  • Artificial Intelligence improves adaptability of robots
  • Breakthrough in medicine with innovations in printed electronics
  • Harley-Davidson Goes All-Electric with its LiveWire Motorcycle
  • Basic lubrication school
  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production



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