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June 2020  

Toolmaking and machine-building

Production and logistics

Hot nozzle system control

najava 1K2019 trade fair offered the presentation of hot nozzle technology, that helps toolmakers obtain increasingly better results. The hot nozzle technology was presented more than 50 years ago. This technology upgraded the injection molding process and thus contribute to better quality of products, increased production efficiency and reduced scrap and associated costs. Even today this technology represent the limit of what is possible to produce with injection molding process.

The extensive PGN-plus-P product range provides an advantage

NajavaZaHR50-4"No matter what robot-assisted automation solution we are planning and implementing for our customers, I always find what I need in SCHUNK's PGN-plus-P portfolio when looking for a suitable gripper – and if ever something doesn't fall under the standard scope, my contact person at SCHUNK helps me devise a customized solution.", says Thomas Imme, Project Manager Mechanical Production in HandlingTech Automations-Systeme GmbH.

  • How to predict tooling costs?
  • Software package VISI helps toolmakers to overcome new challenges
  • Open days in the German company Pfrontenu
  • Testing before standards
  • Trade fair VISION 2020 – experience machine vision first hand through history


Joining, materials and technologies

Basic comparison between electric and servo-hydraulic injection molding machine

najava 2The number of purely electric injection molding machine is growing also in Europe, although the number differs from producer to producer and from country to country. For some machine producers, the market share is just over a two-digit figure, while with other this share is more than half. And where we are? The article explain the basic terms and working principles of both systems with respective advantages and drawbacks. If those are known, there will be no major problems in choosing the right machine and even the greatest sales representative cannot convince to choose the other option, which is normally more expensive.

ABB RobotStudio with addition for 3D printing

najava 5ABB RobotStudio enables simulation and offline programming of robots. The last version of the software includes an addition for 3D printing, that offers fast programming of 3D printing process with ABB robots. This allows 3D printing using welding, 3D printing of concrete or 3D printing of polymers.

  • New lightweight concept in automotive seats
  • Goodyear is testing the use of intelligent tires
  • TPE for use in two-component medical devices (TPE/PC)
  • HiQ-Flow®, HiQ-Melt and HiQ-Metering function of injection machines Wittmann-Battenfeld
  • Schoeller Werk during manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes relies on EWM equipment
  • TIPTIG used in SpaceX manufacturing
  • Boeing 777x made its first flight with over 600 3D printed components

Advanced technologies

Maintenance and technical diagnostics

Wonder matter that pushes the technology limits

najava 3Grafen is six times lighter and 200 times stronger than steel, 20 times harder than diamonds and 100 times better electric conductor than copper. At the same time porous, flexible, impermeable to molecules and even thinner with thickness of a single atom. Truly a wonder matter as is normally addressed by researchers and media.

Troubleshooting in close circuit hydrostatic drives – Part 2

najava 6In the next issue of IRT3000 Magazine, we will continue with advises how to solve issues in close circuit hydrostatic drives. Main focus will be on cavitation and its consequences in close circuits. Then we will continue with an overview of causes and consequences of high temperatures in hydraulic liquids. At the end, we will take a look on the causes that slow down the speed of mobile machines with hydrostatic drives.

  • Intelligent tires in company fleets
  • Billions from Europe for researches and innovations in battery production
  • Would you make a driving license for autonomous vehicles?
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production



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