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Machine vision sensors

slika 1Setting up an image processing system on a PC can be a complex process that not only involves selecting the right hardware but also requires selecting specific software and programming. A complete image processing system in the form of a machine vision sensor, such as Baumer's VeriSens system reduces the complexity of use. Intuitive parameterization makes it easy to use and provides maximum functionality.

Face milling with a long tool life

slika 1Mapal customers rely on the FaceMill-Diamond PCD face milling cutter for face milling work at high volumes, on unstable parts and in the HPC (high performance cutting) sector. With its solid steel tool body and the permanently brazed PCD cutting edges, it achieves top feed rates and material removal rates that are second to none.

  • Lean manufacturing in the digital world
  • Troubleshooting with the delivery of processed components
  • ​A new hub for collaborative robots in Denmark
  • Lack of orders is a major concern for tool manufacturers
  • Automation solution with up to 1200 kg of transport weight
  • Yamazaki Mazak Opens Museum Dedicated to Machine Tools



3D Lab introduced a laboratory metal powder atomizer

slika 2Company 3D Lab presents ATO Lab, a device for metal powders production. The device is intended for the production of metal powder in laboratory conditions. A spherical powder can be made through the atomization process. The powder made in this way is intended for additive technologies, for soldering, for laser welding, for thermal injection processes, for the production of filters by sintering processes, etc.

Shredding, mixing and colouring of virgin and recycled material

slika 2Recycled material is usually added to virgin material after drying, since those materials have different drying times. Mixing can be done manually or with dosing devices. There exist dedicated systems for adding recycled material. The simplest and cheapest dosing device is a pneumatic switch, that subsequently adds virgin in recycled material in a predefined ratio.

  • Stelia Aerospace and Bombardier developed wing flaps with metal feed technology
  • Boeing 777x completed its first flight with more than 300 3D-printed products
  • Weld and welding on machine tool components in the construction and mining industries
  • Serial production of thermoplastic composites
  • Wittmann’s compressed air dryers
  • LSR and PP respirators for healthcare employees



Tablet Experion

slika 3Experion Tablet is an industrial tablet that extends Experion's proven user experience to a local level of performance with controllers. This robust, easy-to-maintain piece of hardware has built-in open industry standards and provides connectivity with various controllers into a flexible, secure and integrated environment, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Man, in the future your tissue will be made of nanostructured material

slika 3Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Götheborg has developed a new material similar to synthetic rubber with an unique combination of properties. This material is suitable for use in various medical devices as support or replacement of human tissue. A 3D-printed “nose” on the picture is an example, how this material can be used as a possible substitute for cartilage.

  • Vacuum distillation
  • Installation and elevator maintenance in the new production facility
  • The new stand for screens protect the technology in production
  • Artificial Intelligence improves adaptability of robots
  • Breakthrough in medicine with innovations in printed electronics
  • Harley-Davidson Goes All-Electric with its LiveWire Motorcycle 



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