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A development partnership between a machine manufacturer and a tool manufacturer

1The larger the series of parts to be produced, the more important cycle times and tool costs are. With large quantities, such as those usual for the car industry, the properties of both the machine tool and the tool itself need to be optimally suited to each other – and to the chosen manufacturing process.

Strong signal for Dortmund: KHS invests €20 million in site modernization

4The KHS Group has invested €20 million in modernizing its headquarters on Juchostraße in Dortmund, Germany. In a bundle of measures underway since 2015 the company has built a huge, approximately 4,300-m2 production shop and fully renovated another.

  • Inovative CAD/CAM solution for flexible gear milling
  • Improved CAD Data Access and Reuse While Maintaining PMI and Data Integrity
  • Vertical machining centers for large workpieces
  • Paper not film: ecofriendly packaging system
  • Trends in robotics that require miniature motors
  • Automated rapid clamping system that continuously monitors clamping point and production process 





Autumn news in the field if injection moulding

2This year’s largest trade fair for plastics Fakuma, which traditionally take place in October in Friedrichshafen is postpone to next year, while some producers already announced presentation and news, which were planned for this year trade fair. Some of the even decided for a »virtual« trade fair or different forms of webinars, through which they will present to the interested public the novelties planned for this autumn.

Markforged Metal X allows 3D-printing of as much as eight metal materials

5Markfored announced that on the Metal X machine it will be soon possible to print as much as eight metal materials. Currently it is possible to manufacture parts from stainless steel 17-4 PH, tool steel for work in hot H13, tool steels A2 and D2, Inconel 625 and Copper. Soon it will be available also for austenitic stainless steel 316L and titanium allow Ti6Al4V.

  • The new largest vertical injection machine BOY
  • Flexible tube with metal protection by HASCO
  • Lightweight construction for Toyota car seats
  • Strategies of re-using metal powders
  • Laser welding with hot wire is an adaptable process for different materials and applications
  • Nanosecond pulse fiber lasers: adaptive solution for surface cleaning and treatment



European network Hyperloop over air traffic

3EU research and development program for the development of Hyperloop and its associated components is supported by the European public and private sector. A study announce that this modern transportation system could replace the travel of up to 12.5 million passenger traveling through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport until 2050. This will be possible also by the partnership between EIT InnoEnergy and leading European company  Hardt Hyperloop. 

The customer shall pay attention to the secrets of repairs and replacement of hydraulic components

6In the next issue of the IRT3000 magazine we will present how all hydraulic components have its lifetime and therefore need maintenance and replacement. The basics of repairing hydraulic components will be presented as well.

  • Robots are produced, so that people don’t need to become robots
  • Digital automotive platform AUTO1
  • Engineers opinion about Digital Twins
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production



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