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An optimized surface finishing process increases productivity and lowers costs

Najava 117-118_Image_3Improved productivity, increased production capacity, better quality and lower costs. These were the requirements of a leading gardening tool manufacturer when the company invested in a new mass surface finishing system for deburring and polishing gardening blades.

Digitalization at 30,000 RPM

ZNPE80B_Image_21Walking from booth to booth, talking to experts, touching products and seeing them in action. All of this will be possible again at EMO in Milan. The leading trade show for metalworking is offering the opportunity of an international industry event from October 4 to 9, 2021. SCHUNK will be there presenting innovative solutions for automated, flexible, and sustainable manufacturing. The highlight of process digitalization: the even more powerful iTENDO² smart toolholder.

  • Consistent optimization in the field of speed
  • Cleanliness that ensures maximum accuracy, reliability and speed in gaming applications
  • Automation products from Siemens
  • Highly Productive Milling in Stainless Steel
  • Processing of fine-particle residual materials with briquetting presses
  • ​Hands-on research for knowledge-based mass finishing processes



The use of lasers in the manufacture of battery packs for electric vehicles

Najava 117-118_Image_4The battery housing is an integral part of the chassis of hybrid and electric vehicles (EV). The housing itself protects the battery and the battery management system (BMS) and keeps the vehicle and its occupants safe from battery leakage, smoke and fire, especially in the event of an accident. Laser welding allows battery pack manufacturers to achieve optimal quality and productivity at a moderate cost to the splicing process.

Recycling of polycarbonate

ZNPE80B_Image_22Polycarbonate is one of the most used thermoplastic material with application in automotive industry, electronics, household appliances, packaging and various constructions. Many of those application has a very short life time and therefore it makes sense to recycle polycarbonate for reuse. During every recycling process we are facing the problem of deteriorating material properties in comparison with virgin material and therefore a lot of attention focused on maintaining or even improving the properties of recycled materials. during mechanical recycling of polymers, the major challenge is posed by material degradation during the processing process due to shortening of polymer chains.

  • 6000 series aluminum alloy laser welding with laser beam shaping and oscillation
  • Fronius becomes a leader in energy storage control once again
  • Fabrisonic is developing a system for additive production in space
  • moldclean - effective cleaning of cooling channels
  • National environmental award to ENGEL
  • Noryl GTX – dimensional stability for the automotive industry



How to enforce the warranty of new hydraulic components

Najava 117-118_Image_5When replacing non-functioning hydraulic components with new ones, the supplier will guarantee a warranty due to defects in material and workmanship for a certain period. This is usually not the case if you buy a discounted component from an old stock. The warranty period for the purchase of a new hydraulic component may vary, but is usually not less than three months from the date of purchase. In the next issue, we will talk about understanding the warranty conditions and the possibility of free repairs when the warranty period has already expired.

Robotic prothesis feel the surrounding

ZNPE80B_Image_27Researchers at MIT used advanced and multi-disciplinary technology to develop an innovation that allows people with amputated body parts to receive feedback information and control in real time. Engineers from the Boston institute present a new soft and stretchy artificial arm, that changes the look of traditional prosthetic limbs. This enable the users various everyday activities like closing a briefcase, shaking hands and petting a cat.

  • The afternoon school of lubrication
  • Innovations in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production
  • S+T+ARTS 2021 prices are awarded
  • Filling stations can combine hydrogen production and energy storage
  • Pandemics and digitalization are the drives for an abandoned idea - personal carbon offsets

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