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November-December 2019  



3D printing drive the medical market


Doesn't matter if you met it or not, you see 3D-printing in everyday life. Perhaps you drive a car, which was developed using 3D-printing or travel by plane for which components were made by 3D-printing. Or if you had a surgery, doctors use 3D printed parts. It is no secret that 3D printing give priority to markets with high value, complex geometries and small volumes. And the human body is complex, small volumes and associates with high costs

Intelligent drivetrain concept

NajavaZa96-11High performance positioning systems are one of key components in modern robotic systems, CNC machine tools and other mechatronic devices in the automation area. In unstructured environments, where physical contact can take place, a regulation system has to solve the disturbance and achieve the throughput. A trial of an intelligent drivetrain concept is analysed, which is based on and synchronous motor, planocentric drive, two encoders, torque measurement sensor and vibration measuring system.

  • Fast spindle repair with original spare parts
  • Toolmaking 4.0: connecting Industry 4.0 technologies with moulds for injection
  • Laser cutting: advantages and weaknesses
  • Skilful hands
  • In service of safety in production
  • Are AVG'r the right choice for your production environment?



Pressure sensor for monitoring the injection molding process


With the modernization of manufacturing, a global demand for intelligent monitoring systems for automated processes arises. The desire for »real-time« monitoring of production parameters (100% control) is constantly rising also in the field of plastic materials. 

High expectations for the additive technology trade fair Formnext

NajavaZa96-21Frankfurt fair ground will host the trade fair for additive technology Formnest 2019 from 19. to 22. November. A record number of 740 exhibiting companies from twenty-four countries will display their latest development, representing a 7 percent growth comparing to the previous edition. This year the exhibition space will be 35 percent larger.

  • Lanxess composite materials in car seats
  • Recycling of PP foils in food industry
  • HASCO - 2000 new P1 plates
  • Welding in space 
  • Reliability of water soluble paper in cleaning the weld base
  • Multi-dimensional joining process of castings without melting



Artificial Intelligence with feelings


Dear Glenn« is a Yamaha R&D project that uses Artificial Intelligence to recreate the artistic style of the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould that deceased in 1982. Japanese scientists and engineers under the leadership of Akira Maezawe (left on the picture) managed to achieve that by studying Gould's massive data with the mentorship of famous pianist Francesco Tristan (right on the picture). 

Localization of internal leakage in hydraulics

NajavaZa96-31In the next issue of IRT3000 magazine will be presented how internal leakage in hydraulic system can be detected and localized. Where internal leakage appear, pressure differences and transformation of pressure energy into heat took place. This can be clearly seen by using infrared thermal camera.

  • Student's robot conquers the universe
  • Innovation radar of 2019
  • Micro robots for manipulation of cell material
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • New in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production




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