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Electrified mobility – Reliable machining of small housings for electric motors made of magnesium and aluminium

5Today amateur cyclists are climbing heights seemingly without any effort at all; heights that would actually make even cycling professionals sweat. E-bikes (pedelecs) are their secret, i.e. bicycles with electric auxiliary motors; they’re found all over the place today and are becoming more and more common. As the popularity of e-bikes increases, so does the demand for the production of electric bicycle components.

Efficient process of cleaning small quantities of high purity products with a jet of CO2

1In many areas, such as medical engineering, the semiconductor industry, laboratory and development environments, and similair, the products manufactured in small quantities must meet the highest standards of purity. For such cases, acp systems has developed two new CO2 jet cleaning booths suitable for use in clean rooms. The cabins enable the cleaning of high-purity products with a manual or partially automated process based on acatt systems' quattroClean technology.

  • New generation of clamping devices - Hydro Mill Chuck and Hydro DReaM Chuck 4,5°
  • Advanced Machining for Hard-to-Make Parts
  • Kistler cutting force tests show superior performance of BIG KAISER tool holders
  • TX2 robots offer more
  • A new industrial computer for demanding logistics applications



How to control the production with base granulate, recycled and shredded material

6This contribution presents recycled materials and their use in production, the required equipment in case of mixing virgin and recycled or shredded materials and the risks of using recycled materials. Different colours and adding methods in base material will be presented as well, with all required equipment for colour adding and risks when using colours in production.

ExOne, in partnership with Rapidia, introduced the world's fastest, office-safe, metal 3D printer

2ExOne, in partnership with Rapidia, introduced the ExOne Metal Designlab office desktop printer and the X1F advanced oven. The first office-safe systems will be delivered in the second quarter of 2021. A special feature of the process is the water-based paste "HydroFuse", which contains metal or ceramic types of powder, without the need to remove the binder before final sintering.

  • Sabic joins forces with KraussMaffei for innovative thin-wall packaging applications
  • Hot runner manifolds from HASCO open new possibilities in parts production
  • New digital format arburgXvision from Arburg 
  • ESAB presented a new catalog of welding equipment and a new website
  • Graphmatech’s graphene technology increases the potential for additive copper fabrication



Overview of investments in EU industrial research and development in 2020

7The goal of this overview is the comparison of efficiency in innovation-based industries with main global partners. The results of this study empower the need of accelerated execution of EU policies, which are targeted in the support of industrial research and development, and innovations, which are especially oriented in the recovery after Covid-19 pandemic and in the transition to digital and green industries.

Evaluation of the service hydraulic company and possible frauds

3Before deciding whether to choose a machine supplier, a manufacturer of hydraulic components or an independent service center for the repair of your hydraulic system, first find out about their capabilities and references. In addition to the basic conditions, such as a clean and dry environment, it is important that the selected service technician also has the appropriate experience and service and measuring equipment.

  • Scientists are searching for the upper limit of the speed of sound
  • Accelerating state-of-the-art innovations with the resilience of military technologies of the USA
  • European batteries are from now on sustainable, high-performance and safe
  • Little school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics



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