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IRT3000 117/2021

Going back … to go further

You may ask going back where? Of course, back to school and back to work places or in short, back to work, study and create. Why? In order to go further, to progress. I know, we will still talk about this corona and to tell you the truth, we have enough of the same story. Nevertheless, this won’t be another discussion as many others, because I would like to point out another aspect of the corona crisis, the one that almost no one talks about.

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IRT3000 115-116/2021

How to win the Olympics and / or in business?

If you started training today, in what sport would you have the best chances of winning an Olympic gold medal?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking while watching TV broadcasts from the Tokyo Olympics or even uttered the phrase, “It’s so easy, anyone / I could do it.” Well, it’s not. It’s true that some sports are relatively easier than others, either in terms of physical strength, concentration, or other traits that make them difficult. Winning Olympic gold, or at least a medal - there are about a thousand of them available at the Tokyo Summer Olympics - is far from easy.

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IRT3000 114/2021

Take a rest, also from technology

Rest is important. Rest thoroughly. Take a break also from technology. For most people on the northern hemisphere, summer is holidays time. But not necessary also a time to rest. What I am talking about? Fewer and fewer people actually take a rest on holidays. People, who for many years choose active rest and holidays are of course exceptions, but all the other suffer from attention deficit syndrome.


IRT3000 113/2021

Sustainable development as a priority

Sustainable business development is not just a fad, but a great business model. Sustainable development is usually talked about in times of crisis - economic, financial, environmental, etc. We can now add a health crisis to the list as well. Crises and periods of distress, however, can also be very welcome for business, not just for so called "war profiteers", but for all who come to the realization that existing business models and solutions are no longer optimal and should be changed.

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IRT3000 112/2021

What is really important for business success?

Last year, companies of all sizes and governments struggled to figure out how to act during a pandemic. Many landed in the red, even went bankrupt, and on the other hand, the organizations that made the most of the very difficult situation proved to be good examples. In all branches and sectors of the economy, many have succeeded with implementation of solution at a rapid pace. Trends such as digitalisation, customer focus, sound business and human resources, along with social responsibility are rapidly being implemented. Whoever ignores them is punished.

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IRT3000 111/2021

New robotic coworkers

Have you ever described a co-worker who works diligently, extremely accurately, rarely smiles and does not express emotions or let himself be distracted, as a robot? Well, in the future, there will be more and more robots as your co-workers. Cobots. A report by the International Robotics Association (World Robotics 2020 Industrial Report) states that a record 2.7 million industrial robots are already operating worldwide.

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IRT3000 110/2021

Industry 5.0 is already knocking on the door

New year, new industry someone could say. Although most companies have not even implemented the Industry 4.0 concept in practice, they face a new challenge. Yes, you guessed it, Industry 5.0. And unlike the world of business software, where the new version usually brings some fixes to the old version and (possibly) some new functionality, the industry knows different leaps when it comes to development. These leaps are to say the least of evolutionary nature, if not a whole revolution itself. The next phase of industrialization is certainly ahead of us. What does it bring us?


IRT3000 109/2021

Are you ready for 2021?

Almost everyone with whom we cooperated last year asked me, what I expect in 2021. In short: I expect another unusual year, a different year from those we were used to in the last decade. It is already clear for companies, that they will need to fight for each and every customer, not just with the competition, but also with the insidious virus.

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