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IRT3000Adria 17/2011

• The future of 3D printing: One Company's Role
• INOVA - Budi uzor 2011
• Nine years of excursions of students from Chair for design and product development, at FMENA
• DESIGN 2012 – thirty years since first congress on design
• Cleaning of renewable products
• Advanced innovations for varnishing
• 18. fair EuroMold 2011
• Digital supervisors
• ...

IRT3000Adria 16/2011

• Fifty anniversary of Technical faculty, University of Rijeka
• Omega – company that doesn't need advertisement
• Riteh Racing Team
• 3rd industrial forum IRT 2011 in sign of innovativeness
• Pipistrel brakes a records also at bicycle tracks – World's record with the vehicle on human drive
• Automation industry and AUTOMATICA 2012 are in spread
• Honda's humanoid ASIMO, the power of dreams
• Europe turns over to sustainability by application of biodegradable bags!
• Digital

IRT3000Adria 15/2011

• Innovator with golden glow
• Foundry industry – Significance and future challenges
• Forty anniversary of course Polymer Processing at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb
• 55th international fair of technique and technical achievements
• Easier and faster control of geometrical tolerances (GD&T)
• Expert quadruple fair in Celje with positive evaluation of visitors and exhibitors
• Slump of demands for robots in 2009. year and again recovery in the year 2010.

IRT3000Adria 14/2011

• The future is in knowledge
• Seminar “Automatization in toolmaking”
• Scraping of hard components: new way of finishing
• Mision OPERATE succeed
• Which method to choose for accurate 3D measuring and when
• Zoller's »excitement over measuring« excite even experts
• Voice of users of Siemens PLM Software solutions and technology
• K 2010 - fair for plastics and rubber industry (2nd part)
• New energy for better climate
• ...

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