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IRT3000Adria 14/2011

• The future is in knowledge
• Seminar “Automatization in toolmaking”
• Scraping of hard components: new way of finishing
• Mision OPERATE succeed
• Which method to choose for accurate 3D measuring and when
• Zoller's »excitement over measuring« excite even experts
• Voice of users of Siemens PLM Software solutions and technology
• K 2010 - fair for plastics and rubber industry (2nd part)
• New energy for better climate
• ...



Interview: 20-aniversary of the BTS Company d. o. o. The future is in knowledge

Interview: 20-aniversary of the BTS Company d. o. o.
The future is in knowledge Brothers Boh, Tomaž and Sandi, had vision, motivation and knowledge 20 years ago. They transferred family tradition of metalworking into a company BTS Company which appointed Slovenian industry with the tools and machines of the highest quality. Even today they enjoy in working and have some plans for future steps that will enable further growth of the company. 


Scraping of hard components: new way of finishing

 Advantages of scraping of hard components compared to the conventional technologies of grinding are today already well documented. Until recent, there was opinion that advantages are related only with finishing parts with larger diameters. Company Sandvik Coromant knows very well that advantages of this new technology are usable for all tool-shops in which finishing of hard components with holes diameters to 8,5 mm occurs, and therefore introduces more smaller plates for scraping of hard components in certified qualities CB7015 and CB7025. Scraping of hard components is process during which a contact between component and tool in one point can simply realized complex contours without expensive forming rings, while finishing occurs in more points simultaneously. 


Increase of production prices at the industry 8 percentage



At the end of February 336.411 unemployed persons


Iskon brings television at cell-phones


Income decrease 5,2%, number of users larger 5,6%


Uljanik - launched ship for company Grimald Group


EBRD this year plans to invest 300 to 350 million euros in Croatia


Seminar “Automatization in toolmaking”

 Hotel Antunović in Zagreb was on 10th March host of seminar “Automatization in toolmaking”, that was held under sponsorship of companies Siming d.o.o. from Ljubljana and Teh-cut d.o.o. from Zagreb. The seminar get at on one spot over sixty participant, mainly experts from the industry and economy. First presentation as introduction was hold by Duško Radović, manager in company Teh-cut. He shared unselfish his experience from the production of tools with modern flexible machining systems companies Hermle and System 3R. Following was presentation of company Hermle, producer of 5-axis milling machines from Germany, which had assure their recognizability at the market by many innovative solutions in their machines and by development of wide service network. 


New Japanese strategy of economic growth and Croatian economy


Home news



Mision OPERATE succeed

 In production industry it can be noticed a clear trend toward complete machining on single machine. Turning machines with possibility of milling operation are already proven at the market, therefore there are now at disposal machines with integrated simultaneous 5-axis machining. Moreover, there is increase of requests for combined machines for milling and turning operations, which production started twenty years ago, but in practice they were not accepted because of the high prices and complexity. Thanks to the latest cooperation of experts from fields of machine construction, electrotechnics and informatics, machining combined with milling and turning is now in renaissance. This kind of machining centers for complete machining are requested by production facilities that primary take milling jobs of components that also have to be finished by smaller number of turning operations. Modern centers for milling and turning machining do not ask for more space than classical turning machines. 


Zoller's »excitement over measuring« excite even experts

 Zoller's »excitement over measuring« is with many presented innovations at five international fairs, that were held at the end of last year (IMTS in Chicago, BIMU in Milan, AMB in Stuttgart, MSV in Brno, Vienna-Tec in Wien), excite even expert area and once again confirm leading market position of the company. Zoller's devices are developed by practitioners and for practice and attract with their exceptional functionality, the highest accuracy and optimal conditions in control. 


Visit to open door days of company DMG



International student project - EGPR 2011 in full progress


Meeting of home and foreign toolmakers in April at fair FORMATOOL


Which method to choose for accurate 3D measuring and when

 With today's methods of 3D measuring, companies can quickly and effectively control their production processes. Similar to other areas, in which there are many selection possibilities and competition, at the area of measuring there are also many different methods. They can be distinguished from each other based on physical principles of measuring, e.g. upon measuring accuracy, repeatability, robustness, system adaptability etc. Although generally all methods enable measuring of majority of objects, however selection of optimal process is influenced by several factors. Presented comparison of different measuring methods is aimed as assistance in decision making in selection of the best 3D measuring system. Generally, dimensional measuring can be divided into two groups - contact and noncontact measuring. As a result of relatively simple principles of operation, first of all a contact methods carried out with mechanical devices were developed in the past. By contact of sensor on one or more points, a coordinate of the contact point (coordinate measuring machine), or distance between two contact points (calipers, micrometers, ...) can be measured. In the eighties years of last century, a development of noncontact 3D measuring methods is begun. Those methods experienced their impetus just before year 2000., and especially after that year. 


New hot nozzle HASCO


From the world



Voice of users of Siemens PLM Software solutions and technology

 From 18. till 20. October 2010. in Linz, in Austria, a conference for PLM Europe users, respectively annual meeting of users of Siemens PLM Software program solutions and technologies was held. The meeting was participated with more than 740 representatives from 209 companies from 25 countries. Conference program within three days offered 130 professional papers related with industrial applications, as well as with news and characteristic program solutions. 


Innovative safety switch for protective gates


Assistance for safety


VISION 2010 with record visit


Bar code with integrated interface for PROFINET


SABIC innovations at the conference Plastic Caps & Closures


BASF Ecovio and Ecoflex on the conquest in agriculture


Welding directly into the mould


K 2010 - fair for plastics and rubber industry (2nd part)

 Positive movements at the market of polymers were possible to perceive from the first moments of the opening of the largest fair for plastics and rubber in the world - K2010, which was held in Düsseldorf from 27th October till 3rd November. At the fair, 3102 exhibitors were presented, and the fair was visited by more than 220 000 visitors. Exhibitors reported about unexpected number of contacts and about the mood at the market for new investments. Many of them reported even about new business contracts signed during fair, which the best describes about returning of the optimism in plastics and rubber industry. Presented innovations at K 2010 encourage strong believe in execution of orders. 


Production and logistic



Metronik succeed in Austria



New energy for better climate

 Despite of absence of global acceptance about alignment of rising requests for energy and preventing increase of atmosphere pollution, it is possible, by means of rising of effectiveness of energy consumption, to prolong the duration of the world stocks, while more and more opportunities are in the area of technologies for renewable energy. United nations predicts that in the year 2020. at the Earth will be eight billion people. With spreading of progress, people will aim to reach a higher level of life standard, which means that they will by more and more electrical devices, automobiles and technology achievements. This will cause building more factories, offices and so on. 





Time and costs saving with injection moulding machines ENGEL without toggles



More than 90 participants on first seminar MuCell


Application of Free Cooling equipment for temperature regulation in polymer processing

Modern technologies



Design suit for people


Thinkdesign PLM - internet products management


List of advertisers in 14. number of IRT3000Adria

List of advertisers in 14. number of IRT3000


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