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IRT3000Adria 26/2014

• Project AdTec SME – additive technologies at workshops
• P.I.T. Alarm, Zagreb
• Production of Mercedes buses in Serbia
• Efficiency, sustainable development and service robotics at Automatica 2014 trade fair
• Traceability of heavy plates around the world
• EuroMold 2013 - World's Fair for Mouldmaking, Tooling and Additive Technologies
• World's First Plastic Engine Support in the New Mercedes GL Class
• Year of mobility and data
• Interactivity with customers via 3D-displays
• Diode lasers in body-in-white applications still a good choice
• Close partnership for lasting success
• New compact ATOS ScanBox






A new generation of protection for welding processes


Iscar in Zagreb presented the concept Machining intelligently


Uljanik finished last year with a profit of 115.5 million kuna


29th international scientific-expert meeting of gas experts


Fairs Biam – Zavarivanje 2014


Colombian millionaire entered the Rimac cars


Luka Burilović four years as the head of CCE


Pliva in the big investment cycle


Incentives for electric vehicles, DOK-ING is planning a new model for electric car

From the region – Croatia



Interview: Gorazd Vrbica, director of advisory firm AlixPartners



Zagreb Citus awarded at the Asian Innovation Exhibition


With new industrial strategy to 85,619 new jobs



1,26 bn kuna for Entrepreneurial impulse


After nine months of decline, finally a growth of industry


Project AdTec SME – additive technologies at workshops

 In the period from November 2013 until February 2014, Department of Polymer Processing, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, together with colleagues from the industry has conducted a series of technical workshops to educate interested attentands on additive technologies, their pros and cons and their potential applications. The workshops were part of the project Additive technology for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs AdTec). Seven workshops were attended by over 350 participants, who rated speakers, topics and applicability of knowledge gained in the workshops with high marks.
After the initial phase of the establishment of the Centre for additive technologies and procurement of the first set of equipment at the end of the 2013, the project Additive technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises entered the educational phase, during which seven technical workshops in all major regional centers of Republic of Croatia were planned and realized. Damir Godec 


TOPOMATIKA with many novelties at the fair BIAM 2014



P.I.T. Alarm, Zagreb

 P.I.T. Alarm is a company from Ivanja Reka, situated at the eastern entrance to Zagreb, in the crafts for almost 40 years. The company has now reached maturity to enter the German and Austrian markets, but also to offer services of making moulds for injection moulding.
It is a rare opportunity to meet company that is completely run by family, headed by a father and with both sons running their own departments. Everyone knows what is the company's business, and it seems that they all think the same because they all speak the same sentences. These sentences are about the same, consolidated and very elaborated strategy for further growth, which has already begun to show results. P.I.T. Alarm (.pdf 690KB) 


Company presentation


Interview: Željko Sertić - In two or three years Serbia can become an attractive business environment


Solar heating plant "for all times"



Production of Mercedes buses in Serbia

 Mercedes Benz comes to Serbia as a future strategic partner of Ikarbus from Zemun, with the production of buses for the city, intercity and line traffic, as well as vans, which will be competing at the price and quality and will be sold around the world. After Fiat, this is the second big car factory, which arrives in Serbia.
According to the Director General of Ikarbus, Alexander Vićentić, six-month negotiations between Mercedes and Ikarbus are coming to an end. "Mercedes said that we are able to work with them, and we began to produce the first prototype vehicles, city buses with diesel engine," said Vićentić. "We plan to introduce this vehicle at the International motor show of commercial vehicles in Belgrade in late March," explained Vićentić. 


Soon Johnson Electric in Niš


First Chinese-Serbian business forum



Completion of the first phase of the IT park in Inđija


New wind farm near Zaječar


Lesson of the former economy minister of Serbia


60 years of Institute for materials testing


Siemens chosen as the company of the year


Traceability of heavy plates around the world

 Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH supplies heavy plates to customers throughout the world. With the request of traceability of ech steel plate, the company came to Borries Markier-Systeme GmbH, one of the leading producers of marking systems. The marking system has been in service at Ilsenburger Grobblech and operating successfully since the spring of 2011.
The steel plate from Ilsenburg Grobblech GmbH has the optimal material properties for widely differing applications: pipelines for oil or gas, constructing bridges or wind power plants.
The subsidiary of Salzgitter AG, one of the leading steel technology concerns in Europe, has a workforce of some 820 at production facilities in Ilsenburg and Salzgitter in Germany. The company supplies about 800,000 tons of heavy plate in 350 possible steel grades every year to customers throughout the world. 


Energy chains: Innovative solutions



Mitsubishi iQ platform as a foundation for intelligent solutions in the field of robotics


Efficiency, sustainable development and service robotics at Automatica 2014 trade fair

 Processes and assembly systems, robots and other automation factors are strongly marked by the continuous improvement of energy efficiency. The fair AUTOMATICA, which will be held from June 3 to 6, 2014 in Munich, special attention will be dedicated to pioneering technologies including the recent achievements in the development of economy and sustainable production, in addition to machine vision and robotics services.
Robot manufacturers target at a number of different interventions to optimize energy consumption. The mere energy consumption of the robot, associated with electronics, for some time has been at a very low level. Robot suppliers have to remove all stoppings and idlings to achieve maximum efficiency. 


Safety controller MOSAIC


The sixth member of the class of collecting robots IRB360 FlexPicker™ ABB


Ergonomic handles Elesa+Ganter PR-PF, EPR in ERB


Accelerated production with lightweight components


COPA-DATA seeking bridges between geoinformation and process data


More reliable filter cleaning!


Semi-rotary drive with piston DRRD


New models Unitronics Vision350™


From the region - Serbia



EuroMold 2013 - World's Fair for Mouldmaking, Tooling and Additive Technologies

 From 3 to 6 December 2013, Frankfurt hosted for the 20th time the world's largest trade fair for mouldmaking, toolmaking and additive technologies. With 58,673 visitors from 83 countries, 1,056 exhibitors from 37 countries and strengthened international participation, fair can be assessed as the most successful in the past five years. Italy was partner country of the EuroMold 2013.
Late last year, the Frankfurt fair held 20th EuroMold 2013, fair for mouldmaking, tooling and additive technologies, as well as areas that are closely associated with these branches of manufacturing techniques, and their application areas (construction, metal processing, automotive, medical, electrical and electronic industries, aircraft and aerospace...). 


Elektric blow moulding machines for sustainable development


Kautex Maschinenbau at K 2013


Krauss-Maffei Berstorff expanded product portfolio


Recycling of plastics – lucrative and diverse


ENGEL' s new application for smart phones


Short clamping times and higher productivity


Mold Wizard recognizes hot runner mould systems



World's First Plastic Engine Support in the New Mercedes GL Class

 Daimler is installing the world's first plastic engine support for the six-cylinder diesel engine used in the new GL Class. Compared to the previous aluminum support, the plastic part offers improved acoustical properties, better thermal insulating characteristics and a definite weight advantage, while being able to withstand the same load. The part, which supports the engine with the aid of the engine mounts, is molded from Ultramid®A3WG10 CR, a highly reinforced specialty polyamide from BASF that has been optimized for high mechanical loads. Joma-Polytec in Bodelshausen assumed responsibility for designing the injection mold and producing the plastic engine support. 


NEW at Meusburger - spiral cores from glass fibre reinforced plastic


Lindner reSource for efficient recycling


Welding and cutting



Year of mobility and data

 Demand for ICT in the world last year for the first time practically did not grow, while this year, according to various forecasts, it is expected to increase 3 to 5 percent. Some other indicators announce that 2014 will be a year of moderate recovery and a more or less peaceful "evolution" technology.
Last year, according to preliminary estimates of analytical companies, the demand for ICT in the world stagnated, or - as they say - break even was achieved, namely, an increase of only 0.4 percent. Technology researcher Gartner expects global IT spending to reach $3.8 trillion this year. In 2013, the global IT market grew at 0.4% year on year, it said.
Spending on personal computers, ultra-mobile PCs, mobile phones and tablets, which contracted 1.2% in 2013, will grow 4.3% in 2014, Gartner said.   


IT Awards 2014


Touch of the new


Save time and money using the new Canon printer Océ PlotWave


Solid Edge ST6



Interactivity with customers via 3D-displays

 In the digital age, marketers perceive the strong emergence of new media of various shapes and functionalities, which are intended to get closer to the user or consumer, so that communication can be as many two-way - interactive.
We observe the progress in displays in their size, energetic parsimony, display quality, compactness, etc. Powerful projectors have appeared as well as first tests of three-dimensional image display. As an upgrade of remote controls, mice or touchscreens, at the end of 2010 on the market arrived Microsoft Kinect 3D-camera, which enables us to capture real-time motion of the human body and apply it to interact with the display.   


Production and logistics



The first digital welding dictionary for iOS


Vibrational plastic welding on SKZ


Elektrode Jesenice persist in achieving the objectives


Laser welding of transparent polymers


TIG-welding without temperature colouring of metal sheets


From the world



Intelligent generation of MIG / MAG welding sources Fronius


The innovative welding solutions for the nuclear industry


»Joining«, new sub-platform of European technology platform »Manufuture-EU«


TIP TIG welding





The newly established Walter Xpress Service



Close partnership for lasting success

 Machining specialist Höcherl & Reisinger by using Hermle machining centers became a much-in-demand technology service provider for precision parts.
Company Höcherl & Reisinger Zerspanungstechnik GmbH was founded in 1991 by Josef Reisinger and Herbert Höcherl in Walderbach, Bavaria. From a traditional small business the company developed into into showcase modern-sday corporation currently employing more than 80 people. In order to meet the needs of its customers, the company covers all relevant technologies, including turning, milling, grinding and eroding. Precision workpieces were manufacured on CNC-machinery. Herbert Höcherl comments on the long-standing pertnership with Hermle: »In earlier times the region around Cham was poor, today its industrial base is very higly developed. 


New compact ATOS ScanBox

 Successful family GOM ScanBox spreads: ATOS ScanBox 4105 is the most compact among the four models, particulary suitable for automated measurement and inspection of small to medium parts and components. Standardized measuring cell is extremely compact and occupies only two square meters.The ATOS ScanBox can be moved in order to support production launch – for short distances even on its integrated wheels. All that is needed is a power supply. The measuring cell contains process-safe software solutions and hardware components. These include a robot, rotation table and image processing computer and in-built industrial safety. The key component of ATOS ScanBox 4105 is the compact, robot driven ATOS Core 3D scanner for for fast, non-contact and full-field measurements. 


iMX – Exchangeable Head End Mills


The new electromagnetic inductive sensor Mitutoyo


AP&T and Oerlikon Balzers deepening cooperation for the development of coatings for tool steel


You can always trust Swede


3D digitizing with new ATOS Core


EUROGUSS 2014: More successful than ever before


AP&T delivered first complete press hardening line to Japan


Shark Line Dormer taps


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