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IRT3000Adria 27/2014

• Open Door Day of the Centre of additive technologies
• In a sign of the robot
• Let millimeter really be a millimeter
• A lot of technology for small sensor
• Servo systems that enable intuitive monitoring of production processes
• Report from the Fair AUTOMATIC: presentation of production for the future with a record turnout
• Precision milling for efficiency
• Traub TNL18P i TNL18 Tailor-made price and features
• The main concern of modern IT - data security
• Research without borders
• Automation - the key to improved quality and productivity in electron beam welding
• Competitiveness springs from the knowledge






GDI Gisdata group last year raised income by a fifth


Development and optimization of castings production


Open Door Day of the Centre of additive technologies

 Centre of additive technologies (CATeh) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, held on 16 April Open Door Day, during which the Minister Gordan Maras officially put into operation a 3D printer Connex 350, of the company Stratasys - the only of its kind in the country and beyond.
Centre of additive technologies (CATeh) was established as part of the project "Additive Technologies for the SMEs - SME AdTec" (Additive technology for small and medium-sized enterprises), and aims to become a leading regional centre for research, development and application of additive technologies, by linking science and economy. The centre will provide the service of manufacturing of products from plastics and metals in various fields of application, as well as educating potential users. Damir Godec 


Adhesives and sealants solve challenges in engineering



German CWS is investing 12 million euros in Čakovec


Industry in Croatia is growing fourth consecutive month on an annual basis




HT opened a data center worth 62.5 million kunas


Microsoft removed SAP from the Croatian ERP market throne

From the region – Croatia



Jacob Harpaz, C.E.O. of ISCAR and President of the IMC Group



29th international scientific & expert meeting of gas proffesionals


The competition for the best innovation


Serbian companies at Hannover Messe 2014


Maintenance of mediums for cooling and lubrication



Indonesians interested in Uljanik ships


FAS increased exports by 50 percent


Cable factory opened in Smederevo


Fieldbus Foundation presented


The largest regional centre for software development


The new car parts factory in Ćuprija


Technobanking today and tomorrow


Tesla's time yet to come


Let millimeter really be a millimeter


From the region – Serbia



In a sign of the robot

 From 12 to 16 May in Belgrade was held 58th International Fair of techniques and technical achievements, where more than 500 exhibitors from 17 countries presented products and solutions in all aspects of technology.
Already 58th Technical Fair in Belgrade (the first was organized back in 1937) this year was organized under the slogan "Step into the future". As always, as project manager of the fair Dragan Zecevic emphasizes, show essentially unfolded "through international exhibitions and trade groups, which saves time for visitors and allows the comparison of the characteristics of exhibits." Esad Jakupović


Energy-efficient solutions in the steel industry



At the lowest level of energy efficiency


Award for Ferromatik Milacron injection molding machines


The advantage is the flexibility


The blades of the windmill of Biotex Flax materials


Laboratories are an organizational unit of company Sistemska tehnika d.o.o. from Ravne na Koroškem, where they perform calibration of measuring instruments, dimensional measurements and non-destructive testing. Compay began working in 1989, when Metal Ravne decided to build a new laboratory. Today there exists an accredited calibration laboratory, accredited testing laboratory, accredited verification body and laboratory for non-destructive testing.
Laboratories are led by Dr. Tadeja Primožič Merkač, which works in metrology for 15 years. Currently, the lab has 24 employees who care about the satisfaction of approximately 700 clients. Their clients are manufacturing and service companies in Slovenia and abroad, who are faced with high standards and tight tolerances on demanding products. 


Company presentation: Sistemska tehnika d.o.o., Ravne na Koroškem from Slovenia


Moretto produced the largest dryer


Products made of carbon fibre


Meusberger DLC coated ejector pins


ILLIG at Interpack 2014


SABIC innovative solutions for winning LED lamp Infinia


Robotic solutions for the manufacturing of plastic products



A lot of technology for small sensor

 Multi-functional housing components for sensors in automobiles are the automotive segment in which the Austrian family-owned company Promotech, based in Schalchen, Austria, specializes. One example is a combined rain, light and moisture sensor for motor cars. Every modern car is equipped with an abundance of electronic systems to enhance both safety and comfort. Sensors are vital components of such systems. One such sensor is the rain/light/moisture sensor. Its housing consists of three different types of polycarbonate. Material number one is crystal-clear PC for the two lenses which measure the ambient light (to activate vehicle lighting) and the headlamp light of oncoming traffic (to control automatic dimming).


Arburg Technology days 2014




New product family - Standard parts for profile systems


FANUC Adria, d. o. o.


ABB robot made of Lego® blocks, a great Scandinavian design


Boundless freedom thanks to the flow


New version of software COPA-DATA Zenon 7:11


EP3744-0041: New differential pressure measuring box


New software greatly simplifies both the design and programming of complex robotic picking-and-packing systems.


New series of pneumatic power clamps


4 years earlier...



Servo systems that enable intuitive monitoring of production processes

 Mitsubishi Electric robots and servo drives ensure adequate speed control/manipulation with simultaneous space saving. Mitsubishi Electric as a long term partner for a wide variety of industries with its solutions and innovations supplies medical and pharmacodynamics industry.
In various applications, especially where there are built robots and servo drives, Mitsubishi's success factor is the speed of operation and simultaneously saving space. This article describes the application of the Mitsubishi robot and servo drives in the application filling and packing of small glass bottles (vials) for the medical purposes 


Report from the Fair AUTOMATIC: presentation of production for the future with a record turnout

 AUTOMATICA 2014 draws a positive balance: more than 10% more visitors and 7% more exhibitors. Trade Fair Deputy CEO Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer »The growth rates and the high degree of satisfaction among exhibitors and visitors prove that AUTOMATICA has expanded its leading role.« VDMA Robotik + Automation Managing Director Patrick Schwarzkopf added: »AUTOMATICA provides a decisive contribution to a change in production as an innovation platform. Trade visitors from the whole world learn what the future looks like at AUTOMATICA.«
After the completion of the fair Automatica 2014, following is known: 34,500 visitors from more than 100 countries, 731 exhibitors from 42 countries, what is an excellent start in the field of service robotics. Dr. Mihael Debevec 


Valve terminal MPA-C

Modern technologies


Welding and cutting





KOLRLOY: New indexable milling tool for the machining of high quality workpieces



Precision milling for efficiency

 From model making enthusiast to businessman: How Christian Frey began by turning his hobby into a career, developed that into a high-tech company, and how Hermle‘s 5-axis CnC milling technology contributed to it all.
From model builder and later industrial modeling craftsman in conventional tool and mould making, through model (aircraft) making to small gas turbines and mini jet engines – to the early history of a company, BF-Turbines GmbH & Co. KG, Bessenbach, nothing sums up the whole story better than the proverbial warning ≫start-up at rocket speed≪. 


Deep hole drilling up to 6 x D with new MVX drill


Makino D800Z: Uncompromising precision, rigidity and speed


FARO introduced Laser Scanner Focus 3D X 130


A new concept of supply of coolant and lubrication medium JetSleeve Diebold



Traub TNL18P i TNL18 Tailor-made price and features

 Traub TNL18P and TNL18 represent a new direction in the concept of long and short lathe. Objectives of the engineers were ability to provide a broad processing possibilities by applying innovative technology and provide an attractive price - performance ratio. Version TNL18P inspires by its productivity. Mechanical and process performance is optimally adapted to the production requirements of the customer. Enhanced TNL18 has something richer equippent compared to the model P.
Innovative technology at an attractive price: under that premise a new long and short lathe TRAUB TNL18P (P = production machine) was developed. Production machine is based on enhanced performance of TNL18 and is characterized by a clearly structured and large work space. Special concept revolvers and spindle opens wide possibilities for processing materials diameter of 20 mm (18 mm for TNL18). 


Elegant combination



Solid Edge ST6


Analysis of the development processes by the Siemens method VDA


Internet of Everything expands in the region



The main concern of modern IT - data security

 Europe's biggest computer-fair CeBIT is in recent years in the shadow of the more pompous congress of mobile telephony. Mobile devices and applications indeed attract more attention of the general public, but behind the scene all together is still managed by information services and engineers, who from day to day face with the challenges of managing and protecting data within the enterprises and beyond.
The underlying theme of CeBIT 2014 was based on the new word "datability". Constantly growing amounts of data in digital form flooded our world, which is why not only individuals but also businesses and other organizations can not handle. Their preservation is as yet relatively little difficulty, because the capacity of storage media increases. The bigger challenge is to secure long-term storage. And for that you can find elegant solutions - data storage on a secondary location at the provider of confidence (for Croatian and Slovenian companies, of course, applies the restriction that they should be within the EU).   


3D mouses for everyone


IFA in new release


BricsCAD v14 for Linux as well



Research without borders

 Many new technologies are emerging in international projects in cooperation between universities, research institutes and companies. International networka among other things help manufacturers to disclose what consumers and businesses need.
We live in a dynamic time when globalization sharpens competitiveness at the global level, which brings enormous challenges not only to companies but also countries. The existing balance in the area of research and development in the world is changing because the investments in developed countries reduce, and in developing countries grow. To preserve the acuteness their innovations in the international arena, large global companies have to use their global knowledge networks as effectively as possible. It is a great challenge for researchers and developers, but also offers fascinating new possibilities.   


Canon's new imagePROGRAF printers


3D printer MakerBot Replicator Z18




The second general meeting of Joining Sub-Platform


Ceramic surface protection for for fixtures and welding torches


SeamLine Pro enables laser welding monitoring


BMW is investing $ 1 billion in the expansion of the factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA


Rofin's 4-axis precision laser system for cutting "STARCUT Tube" is still the first choice


New electrode for resistance welding


Table tennis star Timo Boll is the new brand of logo KUKA


The future of TIG welding is golden



ESAB announced Colfax takeover of Victor Technologies Holding


Automation - the key to improved quality and productivity in electron beam welding

 The purpose of automation is to increase productivity while reducing waste and manual, repeatable operation. The article focuses only on the automation of welding using electron beam. Electron beam has a special property and ability, that it can be operated in real time using a computer. Today, an important carrier of information necessary for automation are back scattered electrons, which occur in contact with the electron beam with the material. Scanning the surface allows imaging surface, similar to equivalent electron microscope (SEM). Dr. Damjan Klobčar 


Primoceler developed laser-welded optical sensor packages for ESA (European Space Agency)


Faster brazing with modified CMT process


From the world



Competitiveness springs from the knowledge

 City of roses this year as well hosted participants already 6th IRT Industrial Forum. At the professional exhibition presented more than 45 exhibitors, while domestic and foreign experts have prepared 54 high-quality lectures and presentations. More than 350 participants in the three-day event, which ended with the meeting of tool producers and machine builders evaluated the event as the only true professional meeting of Slovenian industry.
The domestic industry is well aware of the importance of constant innovation and technology development. The organizer of the Industrial Forum IRT this year received the highest number of professional papers in the six-year history of the forum, which points to the fact that companies know how to compete in a global world - above all with their own knowledge and solutions. Miran Varga 


American foundry BRADKEN introduces an optical measuring technique


Compact, robust and reliable


4D printing and Hyperform


Global development of the products of the future at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana


New ATOS Core - small, lightweight and stable


List of advertisers in 27. number of IRT3000Adria

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