IRT 3000


Last developed injection systems for packaging application


Thermoplay is an Italian company specialized in design and manufacturing of hot runner systems for the injection molding of plastic parts.

The product range, designed and built exclusively in-house, includes a vast selection of standard and special hot runner systems including complete hot half’s as well as temperature and sequential control units, flow analysis, tailored made projects, simultaneous injection of different colors and materials, sequential injection with pneumatic or hydraulic valves, so to satisfy all type of configuration needs for any market or application.

New nozzles for fast cycles


Among the novelties in packaging applications, we underline the new shut off nozzle, suitable for molding parts, where the injection speed and high pressure require high performances. The sealing area between the nozzle head and manifold has been optimized, in order to compensate the injection pressure increase during fast production cycles. To get an optimal injection rate, the melt channel inside the nozzle has been increased. In addition, the thermal exchange between pin and cavity plate has been improved to achieve a faster cooling of the gate area and consequently a good aesthetic of the injection point. Finally, the construction guarantees a mechanical clamping even when the system is not thermally expanded. Typical applications of these special solutions are thin wall plastic parts which require high injection speed and fast cooling cycles.
A sample of application of this technology is a pot used in food packaging sector , produced by the company Plastic Legno, which bought the mold from moldmaker Tecnoalisea.

Part weight=8,25 gr.
Wall thickness=0,65 mm
Cycle time =6,5 sec.

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