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Cooperation of the companies Cloos and Baumüller


The expansion of the innovation leadership in automated welding technology is the target of the cooperation of the companies Cloos and Baumüller. By combining the core competences, Cloos offers the best of two worlds in a complete package: Highly specialised process know how together with future-oriented automation solutions. The user benefits from an increased efficiency in the production processes and a further increase of quality.


Image: f.l.t.r. Gerald Mies (Managing director, Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH), Carl-Eberhard Cloos (Cloos Holding GmbH & Co. KG), Andreas Baumüller (Managing director, Baumüller Holding GmbH & Co.KG) and Sieghard Thomas (Managing director, Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH) jointly reported on the targets of the development partnership

Central user requirements
Productivity, quality, flexibility and long-term reliability – solutions in automated welding technology have to meet these central user requirements. For the first joint project of Cloos and Baumüller, the Qirox QRH-280 welding robot, these criteria are also in the focus of the partners.
A high productivity of the manufacturing process is reached by the high robot dynamics in order to realise the welding arm offset from weld to weld very quickly in the case of components with many spatial movements. The use of a high-performance controller in connection with powerful drives reduces the cycle times and increases the quantity.
And a high repeatability in the welding process is important for a maximum quality. Therefore, the complete solution is equipped with a particularly precise drive and control technology.
Due to open hard- and software interfaced and a modular system design the welding robot can be flexibly integrated into existing or new production systems. During production, the user benefits from flexible adaptation possibilities, when changing the workpiece for example. The platform-independent and scalable controller can be extended for any requirement and is ready for the Industry 4.0 demands because of the intelligent networking possibilities.
Partner for the complete automation
Cloos and Baumüller go forward into the future as equal development partners. By combining the core competences of both companies, Cloos offers solutions for automated welding which give the users a high investment and long-term reliability for their production processes.

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