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KOCH-TECHNIK presents DUO conveyor unit that supplies two demand points


At this year’s K trade fair, KOCH-TECHNIK will be demonstrating an economical conveyor that is able to deliver material to two plastics processing stations or granulate dryers.


The designation Duo conveyor is used for various packages put together consisting of a frame with a vacuum generator and control system as well as two material hopper loaders with hoppers allowing material throughputs of between 120 kg/h and 340 kg/h. In contrast to KOCH-TECHNIK’s standalone conveyors, DUO conveyors have only one single three-phase vacuum generator; the output of this vacuum generator is efficiently distributed to two material conveyors on an alternating basis. The benefits for plastics processors are clear to see: In addition to proven quality from Koch-Technik that ensures trouble-free transportation of materials, customers receive a package that provides the same performance at a more favourable price than two standalone conveyors. A uniform configuration of device components from KOCH-TECHNIK’s modular system guarantees a “turnkey” solution for material transportation that can be deployed immediately. While the processing material is conveyed safely and reliably without any dust emissions, the maintenance-free vacuum fan is used to optimum capacity. Koch-Technik understands the target group for this product to be those plastics processors who wish to supply two demand points close to each other with medium to large material throughputs.

Simple operation
Operation of these units is intentionally kept as simple as possible: A touch panel is used to configure the parameters for the two hopper loders and the vacuum fan. One of 16 languages can be selected for menu navigation. When the unit is commissioned, the layer control is set up in such a way that parameters such as cleaning and inspection intervals are simply configured for both material conveyors and the entire unit is then password protected via a hierarchical operator level. For conveying operation, it will then only be necessary to activate the device and make any adjustments to the conveying time.

Material feeding as a package
Each package includes two customised intermediate hoppers and material hopper loaders. The A series material conveyors from KOCH-TECHNIK are equipped with rotary blade cleaning. With this type of cleaning, the conveyor air transporting the material is cleaned through a filter in the hopper loader. This filter made of highly efficient polyester fleece retains dust and foreign particles of up to 2µ in size. A rotary blade within the filter cartridge rotates at lightning speed prior to each conveying operation, generating compressed air to clean the filter itself, from the inside to the outside, in less than 0.4 seconds. This cleaning operation – which is highly efficient even when ground material is being conveyed – ensures absolutely dust-free transportation of materials within production and protects the vacuum generator.

In the case of packages 1 to 3, a vacuum generator with an output of 1.5 kW even provides for transportation of a total of between 120 kg and 230 kg of raw material per hour. Package 4 deploys a powerful 2.5 kW vacuum fan to convey up to 340 kg/h. Two suction lances, antistatic PVC hose and a vacuum Y-branch rounds off each complete package.

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