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Robot competition challenged the young mechatronics talents


The this year’s Robot Competition of SCHUNK, the competence leader in gripping systems and clamping technology from Lauffen was exciting, instructive and challenging.

It took place within the framework of the 6th European Robotics Week. The SCHUNK apprentices developed the course, which had to be performed by the participants of the challenge at the last of the three competition days, and it was demanding. The teams had to design a robot, which then had to be parked and removed autonomously, it had to approach obstacles to within a few centimeters, grip parts, and last but not least had to follow a floor signaling to the goal. The highly motivated teams of pupils from the 10th grade at Hölderlin Gymnasiums in Lauffen, were encouraged by apprentices of the innovative family-owned company, as well as Stefan Mühleck and Martin Aichert, trainers for automated technology and mechatronics at SCHUNK. The twelve boys and two girls faced the individual tasks, developed and optimized ideas for designing the robots, and programmed the individual motion sequences. Their teachers for science and technology, Evelyn Sauer and Peter Spechtenhauser came to cheer. From the two-wheeled balance roller to three- and four-wheeled versions up to a chain-driven robot car, everything was seen during the development phase – some things were rejected quickly again; other ideas were optimized step by step and were brought to life with the help of the right software.

Creativity and technical skills were required at the SCHUNK Robot Competition.

Creative training under real conditions

Even if the final challenge did not end successfully and not all the tasks were completely solved, the CFO, Bernhard Frisch, and the Head of the Technical Department for Mechatronic Gripping Systems, Mike Mayer, were fascinated by the results and the commitment of the young teams. They both appreciated the creativity and perseverance of the mechatronic youngsters during the award ceremony, building a bridge to their professional everyday life: “It is not only the brilliancy of programming which is decisive. And in case of emergency, the small details such as documentation or an alternative plan are important if something doesn’t work”, emphasized Bernhard Frisch. Hence, the Robot Competition was a training under real conditions. The two experts invited the participants to pursue this issue as a trainee, student trainee or apprentice at SCHUNK. Because “robotics is a growth market, in which SCHUNK is playing an important role for robots as a worldwide leading technology provider“, said Frisch.“

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