IRT 3000


Miniature Charge Amplifier - For Onboard Applications


The compact charge amplifiers of Type 5177A are specifically developed for onboard operation on racing circuits or test sites. It converts the charge from piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors into a proportional voltage.

• Power supply 9 ...16 VDC
• Fixed time constant
• Fixed sensitivity
• Output signal 0,5 ... 4,5 VDC
• Operating temperature 0 ... 120 °C
• Deutsch ASDD Motorsport connector
• FIA homologated

Compact dimensions, IP67 protection and operating tempera tures up to 120 °C are ideal features for onboard applications, allowing In-Cylinder pressure measurements under real driving conditions. The charge amplifier is equipped with 3 or 4 inputs for piezo- electric cylinder pressure sensors; it can operate with a power supply in the 9 ... 16 VDC range, and it delivers an analog output signal from 0,5 ... 4,5 VDC.


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