IRT 3000


A new clamping addition


Enemac offers now the new series ESG clamping nut, which complements the types ESB and ESD.

200128 EN5The clamping force is strengthened by a special crown-gear transmission with a rectangular deflection of the rotation and lateral manual operation. Due to the newly designed power transmission elements, ESG achieves lower height and overall compact dimensions compared to the ESB and ESD types, which allows its use in cramped conditions, Enemac explains. By turning a small nut, which is attached to the side of the housing, the internal gear is driven with a minimum force effort and the counterpart is tightened. The power clamping nut is screwed onto the existing bolt, then tightened through the lateral hexagonal bolt to the specified torque using a commercially available torque wrench. The clamping nut secures your workpiece or tool safely and quickly. The series ESG has been designed for workpieces and tools with a varying component size.

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