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Macro Engineering Announces New Agent in Croatia


Macro Engineering and Technology Inc., a leading supplier of film and sheetextrusion systems, is pleased to announce the signing of a representationagreement with KLIŠE-KOP, a well-respected Company in Croatia.

KLIŠE-KOP’s impressive team will definitely bring new sales in aregion where Macro has not been really present until now” saidMartin Baron, Director of Sales.

KLIŠE-KOP have been in business over36years and enjoy an excellentreputation in the region, which in addition to Croatia it includes Austria,Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo andNorthern Macedonia. Their list of principals includes companies like Soma,Focus, Celmacch, Orafol, Sandon, Tech Sleeves and XL Plastics.

Roman Šoić, Commercial Director, adds “KLIŠE-KOP is pleased to havebeen appointed Macro’s representative in our region. Macro’sextrusion systems and services fill a void in our portfolio”.

Both partners look forward to an excellent business relationship, and thestrengthening of Macro’s presence in the region.

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