IRT 3000


New QIROX Micro Cells by CLOOS


"Ready to weld" entry solution for automated welding

Customers from around the world value the compact solutions for automated welding of Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH. The new QIROX Micro Cells offer an optimal entry into the automated welding technology - with a minimum risk and a maximum return on investment. The turnkey "Ready to weld" Micro Cells do not require much space. They can be integrated easily, quickly and flexibly into any production and guarantee a quick production start. From the welding robot to the controller and power source to the safety technology – users benefit from a customised unit with perfectly matched components from a single source. With the wide range of options, users can adapt the microcells particularly to their individual requirements. This means that even small workpieces can be automatically welded at economic conditions and with excellent quality.

Modular design creates a multitude of possibilities

The QIROX Micro Cells have a modular design. The modular system consists of two basic cells equipped with QIROX welding robots of different working envelopes. The Micro Cells QR-MC-1.1S and QR-MC-1.2S are equipped with a QIROX welding robot QRC-210-4 with a range of 1,000 mm. The Micro Cells QR-MC-1.1S and QR-MC-1.2S have QRC-290-4 with a range of 1,450 mm on board. Two turning positioners are available for each of these two basic types. The station change is made by hand. The rotary positioners of the QR-MC-1.1S and QR-MC-1.1M are used with one clamping plate per station. The QR-MC-1.2S and QR-MC-1.2M have a turning positioner that is equipped with a freely programmable rotary positioner per station. The base frame of the turning positioner allows the rotary positioner to be mounted in three positions. This results in many variants with which the Micro Cell can be adapted individually to your tasks. A later conversion and addition is easily and quickly possible.

Automated and efficient welding of small components by means of the compact robot cells.

CLOOS Welding technology: Robot and welding technology from a single source

Since 1919, Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH has been one of the leading companies in welding technology. More than 800 employees all over the world realise production solutions in welding and robot technology for industries such as construction machinery, railway vehicles, automotive and agricultural industry. The modern CLOOS welding power sources of the QINEO series are available for a multitude of welding processes. With the QIROX robots, positioners and special purpose machines CLOOS develops and manufactures automated welding systems meeting the specific requirements of the customers. The special strength of CLOOS is the widely spread competence. Because – from the welding technology, robot mechanics and controller to positioners, software and sensors – CLOOS supplies everything from a single source.


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