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VisiConsult ensures sustainable success with dual leadership


VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH from northern Germany is known as the world market leader in customized X-ray systems for industrial applications. To ensure the long-term success of the family business the next generation joins the management.

Hajo and Lennart Schulenburg in front of an Industry 4.0 capable inline X-ray system with AI

According to a study of the German development bank KfW roughly 227.000 companies in Germany are looking for a successor by the end of 2020. This situation is not an issue at the innovative family business VisiConsult, that has over 100 employees worldwide. Five family members are working at the company in total, with three of them in management positions. In 2015, a ten-year process was started to transfer the leadership to the next generation. After five years Lennart Schulenburg joins the top-management of the company. “Due to the well-planned transfer process we can promise our customers, employees and partners stability and reliability. I am proud that we found a suitable solution to lead the family business into the future,” says Hajo Schulenburg, founder of VisiConsult.

Lennart Schulenburg is well prepared for the new position with an MBA from the ESMT Berlin and Informatics degree from the TU Hamburg. “I am excited for this new challenge and thankful for the trust of the employees and shareholders. A dual leadership strategy that is bridging generations is the perfect combination of experience and new momentum,” says Lennart Schulenburg. The position of the head of sales will be taken over by Jason Robbins, who brought his 20 year plus experience just over a year ago.

Even amidst the Corona crisis and a challenging market environment, VisiConsult is able to deliver solid results. This impressive performance and growth is demonstrated by its broad portfolio and market penetration. “Our industry has historically been very conservative, and therefore has a huge pent up demand for automation and digitalization. Therefore, our solutions are highly sought after. The Corona crisis is acting as a catalyst for change, and change is a driver of our success,” says Lennart Schulenburg. The management developed a joint strategy for the company and product portfolio as it continues the focus on high-end topics like Industry 4.0, digitalization and new innovative business models. “We live in turbulent times and VisiConsult is the agile speedboat that thrives in this market environment. I can promise you one thing, we will not slow down!” closes Hajo Schulenburg.


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