IRT 3000


JetBoy - the new multifunctional device from mycon GmbH


Offers great cleaning results with the use of 400 liters of compressed air and 1 cup of liquid per minute only

JetBoy can also be used as a dry ice blasting device - brand new and highly effective, even with the addition of special cleaning agents and / or disinfectants.

Indispensable for expanding your range of services for cleaning

* Heat transfer devices in air conditioning / ventilation systems (agent: water)
* Contaminated surfaces / joints (agent: mycon cleaner)
* Equipment of any kind e.g. in the food / pharmaceutical / hospital sector (agent: dry ice with mycon additives)
* Disinfection of all types of surfaces, devices, textiles (deep disinfection) (agent: mycon disinfectant)


mycon offers JetBoy for the special needs of the customer:

mycon also supplies the necessary application-related agents, which partially were developed exclusively for JetBoy.

JetBoy achieves good cleaning results even when using only water without any chemical additives, especially when cleaning lamellar heat exchangers.

With an appropriate application, JetBoy can also be used as a dry ice blasting device. The dry ice particles are generated from liquid CO2 directly in the blasting gun. The CO2 is supplied from a gas bottle with a riser pipe. Thanks to a brand new mycon development, the effect of the dry ice process can be significantly increased by adding additives.

The low compressed air consumption, the significantly reduced volume compared to other blasting devices and the small size / weight are the prerequisites for an almost unlimited mobile use of this device. If there is no compressed air generation, a small compressor can be carried, which can be mounted on rollers if required. The device is easy to use. A instruction of the customer is only required in very special cases.
The price for the device (without compressor) is between EUR 6,890.00 and EUR 9,710.00 (with dry ice function) depending on the equipment. mycon is offering anyone interested in JetBoy a "test month" for rent of EUR 460.90 + VAT + freight costs (nationally EUR 78.00 net per route). If the device is then ordered to be purchased, the rental for the test month will be fully set off against the purchase price.
JetBoy is also available for rent for almost any desired period (minimum rental period 1 week).
mycon delivers the device in special transport boxes. Rented devices can be returned safely and easily.

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