IRT 3000


Drivers for High-Power cw Laser Diodes


10 kW Output Power

PicoLAS introduced two new drivers of the LDP-CW 250-40 series to offer efficient control of high-performance continuous wave laser diodes. The electronics are housed in an ultra-compact casing and achieve an output power of 10 kW at a power density of 5 W/cm³. At an efficiency of 94%, both models generate a maximum output current of 250 A and an output voltage of up to 40 V.

As usual, PicoLAS replaced the conventional linear current regulators with a self-developed digital alternative that offers significantly higher efficiency. The standard configuration of the driver convinces with an extremely low ripple current of less than 0.85% and, at a maximum modulation frequency of 1 kHz, only has an overshoot of less than 3%.

The fast (F) version offers a considerably higher modulation frequency of 50 kHz and a rise time of less than 20 µs. Its overshoot also lies below 3%.

All drivers of the LDP-CW 250-40 series have isolated control interfaces They can be fully controlled by analog signals and are easy to integrate near the laser diode.

LASER COMPONENTS distributes PicoLAS products in Europe and on the North American continent.


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