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Logo adds Tecnau Connect Industry 4.0 solution to better meet customer needs


Italy-based Logo group invests in a second Tecnau Stack 2020 cut and stack solution with advanced management controls to increase productivity.

The world of printing is complex and challenging; leading edge printers leverage leading edge technologies to help them meet those challenges. The Logo group, which unites several production plants, has understood this concept well and since 1998 provides 360-degree solutions in publishing and graphic arts. Thanks to its integrated services along with a large group of experts and modern technologies, the company offers its customers publishing communications for any type of project.

Logo’s vision is simple yet innovative and combines the love for printing with an efficient industrial approach to provide value-added solutions thanks to lean and smart manufacturing systems aided by analytical tools to ensure a smooth production workflow.


For this reason, after purchasing a first Tecnau finishing line, Logo decided to invest in a second cut and stack line to increase productivity with the aid of Tecnau’s advanced management controls. Both Tecnau Stack 2020 solutions, installed in the Borgoricco company headquarters in the north of Italy, are equipped with the Tecnau Connect system to easily access production data and provide feedback to the company MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

“All the solution components are interconnected with each other and send production data within the company intranet; this information is made available through a physical panel installed on the machine and from remote locations,” said Maurizio Gianetto, Marketing Manager at Tecnau, “but the real benefit in an Industry 4.0 perspective comes from the Tecnau Connect ability to communicate the same data to the company management system. This helps in optimizing all the production steps, before and after the finishing phase.”

The Tecnau Stack 2020 roll-fed cut and stack solutions are equipped for 1-up and 2-up production of book-block applications at speeds up to 130 meters per minute. The systems are also ready to support 3-up and 4-up applications with a simple knife upgrade. The gentle paper transport system and the offset separation capabilities ensure quality products that can be easily transported to offline binding systems.

Logo_Case_Study_Stack2020“When we speak about manuals for manufacturing, we talk about a fundamental element that goes hand-to-hand with all the other industrial processes. To fully meet the quality needs of our customers and keep their production time-to-market consistent, we needed not only reliable and robust machines, but quickly adaptable systems capable of providing instant feedback. Stack 2020 with Tecnau Connect not only allows you to easily see an overview of the production flow and send data to our internal management system, but also allows you to set-up individual jobs remotely to optimize production and make the manufacturing process smarter,” commented Alessandro Osto, Managing Director at Logo.

“Further, Tecnau Connect allows you to optimize your workflow by analyzing a series of machine parameters in real time. The diameter and the paper left inside a roll can be monitored to organize production shifts in the best way possible, view the total amount of cuts performed by the line, the system speed and the number of sheets processed. All of this allows us to wisely plan routine maintenance operations according to pre-established criteria; or evaluate the number of book-blocks created and the stack deliveries made to streamline logistics and have a more complete understanding of processes and activities.”

“The installation of the first Stack 2020 line took place in record time and the machine worked at full speed from the very first day,” added Marco Filippo Bastia, Managing Director at Forgraf, who supervised all the installation and support steps at the client site. “The Tecnau cut and stack line has proved to be stable and reliable, with intuitive set-ups and a quick learning curve for the operators. The purchase of a second line within few months from the first makes us proud and it’s a good indicator of the good work done, the solution effectiveness and the service provided”.

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