IRT 3000


Low costs per cutting edge combined with long tool life


In addition to the M5009 (к 45°) and the M5012 (к 88°), Walter is now launching another Xtra·tec® XT face milling cutter in the form of the M5011 (к 75°).

picture-milling-m5011Walter Xtra·tec® XT M5011 face milling cutter

All three milling cutters can be equipped with the tough, double-sided SN.X1205 system insert. An additional system insert (SN.X0904) is available for using the M5009 and the M5012 with smaller depths of cut. The inserts are coated with Walter's own Tiger·tec® Gold grades, making them incredibly wear-resistant. Depending on the material or machining objective, the user can choose between five geometries for: Large batch sizes, high stability and process reliability or long tool life and high productivity with almost all ISO materials. The Tübingen-based manufacturer is adding the M5011 to its range of milling cutters.

Equipped with either roughing or wiper inserts, the Xtra·tec® XT M5011 face milling cutter can be used for roughing and finishing, reducing the process costs and tool requirements. Walter offers the milling cutter with a diameter of 50 to 160 mm in two different tooth pitches and with a depth of cut of 8 mm. In the version with fewer teeth, the indexable inserts are mounted on a carbide shim. This protects the milling body and the remaining unused cutting edges against damage and maintains their usability, even with long machining times. Inclined clamping screws make the indexable inserts easy to access and shorten their indexing time.

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